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Goodbye 2010

This will be my final post for 2010. Wow another year has passed. There is no great way to giving a final farewell to 2010 by wearing formal. I want to bid 2010 farewell with such style. For the last 12 months, I've met a lot of great people whether in SL, RL or Plurk. To all of you, I want to thank you for making my 2010 journey such a lovely ride. *hugs*. For those who read my blog, I want to thank you for reading this humble blog. Today I wear the newest gown from Adam N Eve called Chiandra. I love the subtle flowery look on the skirt. It gives a lace look on satin skirt. I know Sachi has made this gown in few other colours such as white & red but I forgot if she has other than these 3 colours. I love Adam N Eve for so long. It's kinda love-hate relation but more love than hate. In past, I love their eyelashes and eyes. Then my love proceed to their skin and now this dress make me fall in love again - I mean on the dress and not to any special guy (although I wish one). For more picture and style note

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POSEUR for the Party People!

Now available at POSEUR! Celebratory poses to ring in the new year <3 Visit our main store on Kuu Ipo to get yours.

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Spahi from WWI

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WWI Spahi Uniform!

SLURL: XStreetSL: Business: Avatar Bizarre Price: 495 Permissions: Mod, Copy, No Trans

One of the African Colonial French Armies was known as the Spahi Cavalry. They were a common sight on the roads of Northern France, and fought alongside infantrymen in the trenches.

This outfit was originally created for Cala Mondrago, as the Magistrate needed guard uniforms. However, anyone into historic roleplay, or who is just in need of something a little different from all the typical tattoos and torn jeans, can have fun wearing this ensemble.

Sculpted and prim turban
Coat collar
Sculpted cuffs
A sash and coat tails without the scimitar
A sash and coat tails with the scimitar
Sculpted upper pants
Sculpted lower pants
Sculpted boots.

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Vent du sud gifts in the subscribo

A very HAPPY NEW YEAR from Vent du Sud. 

As promised, this is in the subscribo.

Four small but pretty frames. Touch the background to choose from one of the four colours.

24 hours only... but also on sale at the mainstore for a MASSIVE.... 1L.

See you next year!

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Sailing into 2011, grab a dinghy, gifts, and rather too many links

If you feel like a quiet (romantic) break from parties and champagne and New Year celebrations... here's an idea.

I've blogged about R0bin Helsinki's fabulous Sea Fever exhibition before (here), which is why we are cheerfully sailing through a photograph in the photo... but since then we've added a few touches.  Such as this superb (free) boat ride.

... plus some seabirds and fish and a dolphin who escaped... and which if you look closely, is posing as a killer whale about to attack Menthal (over by the Vent du Sud rustic lighthouse *cough plug 50L*).

Back to the boat, though. Menthal Oh made the dinghy specially for Vent du Sud (thank youuuu). Rezz one HERE and go zipping along the rivers and the whole island (mind your head under the bridges).

The drawbridge near the BIG lighthouse (*cough plug also 50L*) raises to let you through - just click (admiring my buildery genius as you do so and buying it (mod copy) for 1L if the fancy takes you).
Drawbridge. Favourite Argrace hair 'modern rail

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Steals and Deals

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Every weekend, selected merchants across the grid have one special item or set of items up for sale for 50% off (or more!)

The sale starts Midnight on Friday morning and lasts until 11:59pm Monday night.

Avatar Bizarre is proud to be a part of this gridwide sale, and also provides a notecard of all participating merchants and their sales (with pictures!).  You can also hit the blog at

Your trip to Avatar Bizarre!  --->

This week, you can get Dragon Silk Shirts for $L75 each (regular price $L125).

Also available in Purple, "Earth", "Ocean blue", Black, and Teal.

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The joy of sales, announcement, back to boring and useful tip

Much as I dislike December, I like New Year (although not sure why those across the pond call it New Years - but let's not get into grammar).

I mean, there are sales to start with.

All at 1L at Vent du Sud, sales or not.
But how do you do sales when you sell stuff at 1L, I wonder?  Except to make it free. But for those who are following my blog, I still haven't bought those boots, perhaps in the vain hope the fatpack will magically be reduced.

So no, not free. But nearly.

I am, however, going to continue the Vent du Sud policy of 1L for decor and 50L for builds in 2011. It was a good decision. And yes, even the new stuff.

What I did buy is some nice new textures and other goodies, despite the marketplace taking about 6 hours to deliver them (and some not at all). Bah. Read on for more news, then, brave people.

Pretty little things for 1L.
I need to clear out a few things to make room for some new, and also to put out a biggish build and generally do all the New Year sorting out and ideally moving some walls around.… Read the rest

52 weeks of colour, green (and good pears and dishonesty and building in lingerie)

OK, let's face it, I am one of those boring people on SL who usually tends to dress in rather predictable clothes and styles.

Sensible old Ari. Builds a bit, dances a bit, shops a bit. Protective of Vent du Sud and above all of real friends. A little gullible at times. A "bonne poire" or "good pear" as they say in French. Although why pears are a soft touch, je ne sais pas.

But they ARE... green!

I don't usually strip down to the frillies when I'm halfway through putting up a few extra walls and popping in some decor for someone, for instance (although at a guess, he wouldn't mind). 

Not quite the usual Ari, eh? But yes, there is another side to me. Boring and sensible as I may seem (mostly), there are times when I really lose my temper with people who are not what they seem.

So better get back to hauling prims before I ramble too much about not being  that gullible. Or quite such a soft touch when I find out just how much I've been taken for a ride.

Custom build, except I left off...
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Oh My Stars!

Only available at the newly opened Oh My Stars on Elliott, glass star jewelry.

There is a gacha, for those who like to gamble and see what fun thing they can get, with transfer versions that you can trade and give away:

And, a scripted set with a HUD that lets you do all the gacha possibilities, plus more:

(Clawtooth hair, limited edition ~silentsparrow~ Lysi in the first one)

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PreFaaaabulous! (1)

My name is Epione Serendipity and I'm a prefab whore! This didn't happen overnight, mind you. No, it took me several years to figure out that I should be renting land, and not renting existing plots with already established houses. I kept seeing and wanting all these great homes on the blogs so about three months ago I found my own little piece of skyland.

The first house I want to share with you is the SeaFair Cottage by Liz Gealach from Thistle. How do I love Thistle? Let me count the ways-one, two, no, four-I have four houses from Thistle! If you like sweet, whimsical homes with a cottage feel to them then I highly recommend Liz Gealach's creations.

The SeaFair is a beautiful two story cottage with a soft blue exterior and yellows and blues on the interior. There is more than enough room to satisfy all of your decor desires but keep in mind that it's 231 prims. Here I am playing Chopin on a beautiful piano by Maar Auer. Can you believe I actually forgot that I even had a piano?!?… Read the rest

Happy Holidays

Thank you for another wonderful year.  It’s been a year of changes, some of them overwhelming, and I appreciate those of you who’ve continuted to visit the store and give me your support through it all.  I want to wish you all a wonderful 2011, and happy holidays whenever, and whatever they may be.
I’ve been awfully busy in both lives the past month and did not get a chance to make you something special for Christmas, so I’ve decided to do a hunt instead.   There are 10 items in the store, regularly full price, that are marked “free” for the next few days.   I know some of you are busy  through this weekend, so I’ll leave them till Monday night (12/27).
There are 2 in the men’s department, 4 others down stairs, and 4 upstairs.  None of them are in the “deals” room.   While you’re here, grab my yellow pumps for a Linden, and the free bracelet in the luminary bag out front if you haven’t already.… Read the rest

Happy Holidays from Siyu

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Hey everyone! Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah, happy holidays and all that good stuff :) May the Flying Spaghetti Monster bless you with his noodly appendage and all that good stuff.

I got into the holiday spirit, and put together a companion hat to the Elf slippers I released last year. I sent it out to Masqueraderie, so you can nab it out of the group notices for the next two weeks. I also put out a box of Christmas themed goodies I had out last year out at the store, it's not like they're perishable and I know not everyone might have gotten them last year. Enjoy :)

I hope whether you celebrate Christmas or not, that you're enjoying time with your family and friends. Of course no matter what you believe, companionship, compassion and love are things we can all agree on.

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Happy Holidays from Angie & Samantha

Wishing you all a warm and loving ChrisHanaKwanFestivus.
artilleri Holly PJs *red+blue* (50L special available all weekend)artilleri Kim Cake stand with noms (With Love Hunt Gift)artilleri Greta glasses *white* hair: Tiny Bird - Sodom South Georgia - Dark Browns Tree: Botanical Small Holiday FirSamantha adopted from Zooby'sAlcohol from various liquor stores
Click here for SLURLS

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Christmas Gift from Arctic Greenhouse

Edit This event has ended, thanks to everyone who attended!

Get a free Christmas gift for ANYONE who visits the Arctic Greenhouse store inworld between now and December 27th. What is the gift? It is a mystery gift! - just stop in and click on the pile of presents in the center of the store to get your personal random mystery gift.

There is also an added bonus gift for anyone who has purchased ANY Arctic Greenhouse full perm kit or kits inworld this year - they will get a full perm sculpt pack to make their own the one-prim gift boxes as seen in the display, AND a gift card for a random amount! But make sure you visit in time for Christmas because these gifts will vanish on December 27th.

Be sure to first click the pile of boxes to get your (1) free gift, and then if you want more random gifts you can pay the pile of boxes L$25 per gift.… Read the rest

Free, cheap, gifts, stove, rant.

Overheard someone on a chat the other day saying that she was getting too many notecards from a group with offers and gifts and freebies and was 'bored with it'.

Eh what? My suggestion would be: leave the group, or just discard a few or... oh, for heaven's SAKE.

Anyway, stoves. I love them.  And I was making one while this was going on.

See this? I have it in RL. It's lovely. It's new.

 Then there was somebody else who 'didn't even have time to open all the freebie boxes'.

Poor darling. I closed the chat window.

So I made an SL version of it, for 1L.
(The stove in RL was a 'Christmas gift' that Mr RL and I bought for ourselves because... we fell in love with it and given the French electricity system's reliability.... *cough*). 
And then yesterday, an item was advertised as a gift (something that would normally, I think, be worth anything from 350 to over 1000L) and it turned out it was going for 50L.

NOWHERE in the notecard did it mention 0L. The writer was not English mother tongue, so 'gift' was probably not a good choice of words, no.… Read the rest

Gift Cards

Arctic Greenhouse now has Gift Cards - in L$250, L$500, L$1000, L$2000, L$3000, and L$5000 denominations. These work with our brand new Gift Vendors, as seen in the picture below. Just wear your gift card while using the scripted vendor, and click on the screen - It will prompt you with a message asking if you want to use your gift card.

The green Gift Vendor contains a rapidly growing selection of the most popular 35 items, and if you're looking for a particular item that it doesn't have just send Logan Bauer an instant message.

The blue Gift Vendor contains full perm builder kits, and currently contains ALL 22 kits.

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Treasures of the Orient

One of the things you can count on when you purchase from Zaara, is that none of their designs are ever ever ‘look-alike.’ You’re going to find something fresh and interesting, not derivative. You can always expect rich textures, often with Near and Far East elements to them, beautiful garment lines, and a focus on detail. Their Sumana Lingerie release is no different, and it proudly upholds the Zaara tradition of excellence. Released back in August of 2010, Sumana features a strapless demi-cup bra, wide corset-style garter-belt, panties and stockings. The fabric choices step away from the usual: no tawdry lace or delicate tulle, they’ve brought us lush Oriental influences in satin. The fabrics are elegant and the Asian style floral patterns have a crispness that is remarkable, given that all of Zaara’s products are hand drawn. What’s “Just Right”: The pleating on the garter-belt/corset piece is unusual and adds a very elegant and couture feel to the garment.
Read the restSumana by Zaara

LOTD 12.23.10

EnsemblePaper Couture Gold Nest DressPaper Couture Bow Soiree Platform Wedges - HoneyPaper Couture Studded Gold Circles EarringsHair: *booN QOZ319 hair black Skin: LAQ ~ Vilda Exclusive makeup in Ebony (today's group gift)Click Here for SLURLS 

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Gothic Highlander Series – PURPLE

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The Gothic Highlander Series - PURPLE

SLURL: XStreetSL: Business: Avatar Bizarre Price: 750 Permissions: Mod, Copy, No Trans

The Gothic Highlander Series
Purple Gothic Kilt

This kilt ensemble is Gothic without being too somber and black. It includes everything listed in the picture, which totals 19 different pieces for a medley of different ways to wear the outfit.

You can wear the coat on its own with the (coat only) collar.

You can wear the shirt and waistcoat with a shirt collar and cravat.

The coat tails are flexi with expertly woven threads, tapered and fully lined in true tail coat style.

There is a dagger on the left upper boot, but there is a second left upper boot without the dagger for those occasions you don't want to wear a traditional Scottish weapon.

Available on the marketplace only until after Christmas.… Read the rest

Cerise sur le gateau and very short skirts – 52 weeks of colour

*(Cerise sur le gateau  = icing on the cherry (roughly))

I was all built out this morning, and moping in front of the Vent du Sud French stove, when I had an idea... that seemed more appealing than writing the notecard for the stove, but I did slip a cerise colour option into the bar stool.

French stove coming soon, barstool here
It was time to GO OUT.

Does my hair look OK?

Yes, this skirt IS a bit short but...

Nothing a carefully placed handlebar can't hide.

Gosh look the bar stools again. Lots of colours and poses, right here
 Or a carefully placed foot, for that matter.

Oooh look Agade's here!

Yes of course I know how to drive it. Well... sort of.

Ah, and Menthal's finished the boat! Of course I  know how to drive that, too.

Well, not showing the picture where I drove it into the lighthouse. So there.
Now all I need is sunset and a dance. That really would be the icing on the cherry, eh? (And no, no, I know Menthal is spoken for...).

More about the boat (it's great) in a post coming soon, but in the meantime don't forget to pick up the 1L bar stool on the Vent du Sud main square, under the parasol, (colour change, poses...Read the rest