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Depth of field, hotkeys, pink hair & leather

Let me start this post by saying the following snapshots came straight out of SL, with absolutely no post-processing. Not even cropping. Depth of field is now in SL! I first got wind of this fun new feature via Plurk; Aki Shichiroji started a thread on the SLU forums about this and shared details on how to enable it. To play with this shiny new toy, you must use one of the super beta mesh viewers that are build 2.4 215482, or newer. I was using 215482 for these photos; when I installed the viewer, depth of field was already enabled as soon as I logged in with it. If you decide to give this a try, I strongly recommend you read that thread on the forums because Aki explains which three debug settings you have to fiddle with, and what they do. (Note:  Your hardware must be capable of enabling shadows in order for you to use this feature.) While I’m on the subject of photography, I just wanted to add something about using the zoom hotkeys Ctrl + 0 and Ctrl + 8. There was a discussion on my Plurk timeline the other day about this.… Read the restPlaying with depth of field feature




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Sherwani "Sunset" - Indian Clothing for Men

SLURL: XStreetSL: Business: Avatar Bizarre Price: 450 Permissions: Mod, Copy, No Trans

The Sherwani is a long, coat-like garment worn in South-East Asia and India, particularly in North India. It's usually worn over a short Kurta and Khara Pajama Pants.

It's generally worn during formal occasions and weddings.

This Sherwani outfit comes with the Sherwani in a rich orange fabric, flexi coat tails, a stiff collar, sculpted cuffs, a white kurta (shirt layer), the pants and puffed pant cuffs. This outfit also comes with the optional scarf.

As always, everything is copy and modify so you can resize to fit your own avatar.

At the moment, the Sherwani is only available on the marketplace and in my Port Majorca location. I'll be introducing the Sherwani line when I have the other colors made

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Seaside Picnic

I know it's cold out now for a good chunk of the world but I got this dress from The Sea Hole and couldn't wait for the summer to wear it. It's not a new release or anything but look! Picnic foods! The ants are an animated texture so they walk around and around the skirt. How cute is that?

Dress: The Sea Hole
Skin: JeSyLiLo
Hair: Love Soul
Necklace: Happy Finds
Pose: [Doll.]

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Advent Calendar at Orage Creations

Get your gift at Orage Creations mainstore everyday.
A great Advent Calendar with 24 presents (skins, clothes, hair, shoes, poses, make ups, lashes and more) is waiting for YOU from december 1st to 24th and many surprises during the Xmas period.

Stay tuned...

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Cast of Characters

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Following the ATIA CREATIONS theme of variety in shapes, at long last I’m unveiling my “cast of characters” as I like to call them. The following six avatar shapes were developed over the last 3 years out of utter weariness with seeing the same cookie-cutter shapes and typical age range (20-30) of the vast majority of avatars strolling around in SL. I believe other SL denizens are getting a bit bored as well based on the reaction some of my characters get when they’re out ‘n about. Gladys in particular, always commands a positive response. Maybe that's as much about the incongruence of her appearance vs. her attitude - she needs to be seen inworld to be appreciated!

If we’re all perfect and beautiful, where’s the relativity so necessary to make life interesting? I have to admit that I’m guilty of developing gorgeous, young avatars just like many other shape makers but I also love to see the rare, and well-developed exception. So here’s my first offering of unique avatar shapes.… Read the rest