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SL username changes affect Search

Based on the discussions I’ve seen on Plurk, as well as some confusion expressed via in-world group chat, it seems like there are still a fair amount of SL residents who aren’t completely sure about what is going on with the whole username thing. In a nutshell: Last names are no longer being offered for new accounts signing up at If you have an account with a surname, your account is considered a legacy account. We all knew this was going to happen eventually. Linden Lab has mentioned plans for switching over to a single username system for a while now, and we’ve seen little changes here and there that indicated this was going to come about soon, such as seeing a single field for username at login areas: When I first learned that this change had finally taken place (without any sort of formal announcement by Linden Lab), I decided to register the name Poseur, which is also the name of the pose shop that I am part of. It was just a whim, really; I thought it would be nice to take ownership of that username before anyone else could make a grab for it.… Read the restsingle field login



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Blue Strings for the blue challenge

Well, I am a little late for week two of the color challenge, but better late than never, right? I’ve had this outfit from Bare Rose sitting in my inventory for a while, but never really wore it except to try it on once. The Strings outfit is made completely of prims, and remember:  Bare Rose clothing is transfer, which means you can’t make a backup copy before you start editing it to fit. Be sure to exercise care when you are editing, and Ctrl + Z is your friend! The majority of the prims are sculpted beads and string, and the rest are flexi prims. If you are modest about your pixel skin, then this little get-up is most decidedly not for you. Included with the outfit are modesty pasties for the breasts and crotch area, and they are modifiable so that you can tint them to blend in with your skin. There are two versions of the top and bottom included; they’re sized differently to accommodate different shaped avatars. The texturing and the prim work are all very nicely done, as is typical of Bare Rose.… Read the rest:P