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Urbanista Cable Knit Sweaters

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Today I have a small release. My Striped Cable Knit Sweaters. They come in 10 color combinations and are available on all layers for endless outfit options. They are only 75L each so be sure to stock up and keep warm. Now Available at the Urbanista Main Store.

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Meanwhile after running

New dresses from Angelwing, 3 varieties, christmas angel, fallen angel (shown here) and dark angel. Credits Hair – Maitreya Skin – Pink Fuel Makeup tattoo – The Plastik Dress – Angelwing

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Meanwhile now I have my PC back

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Broken harddrive and two weeks on a ancient laptop, I am finally back. So I’m blogging new stuff from WOE, these really cool denim dresses, and new hair from Exile, exclusive colours available from the dressing room. Credits Hair – Exile Skin – Exodi Dress – WOE Boots – COCO Earrings and nails – Rozoregalia Poses – estetica

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Serial Renter

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When I first came on SL (for better or worse--it's still debatable), I was surprised to find out that people rented or owned land for residential purposes. So, you know, I had to jump on that bandwagon!

The first place I rented was a small, one room cottage. It was adorable and cheap. I don't remember the exact amount but it was probably less than 100L. And then one day, I tp'd to my cottage and *poof* it was gone. In fact all six cottages were gone and the only thing that remained was an empty plot of land. But the landlord sent us all a notecard and gave us a refund on our rent (actually, I don't remember if she did either of these things but I would hope that she did). I wish I had images of my first place but unfortunately, I trashed many of those early pics the first time I um...left SL.

The second place I rented was a room/small apartment at the GQ Start which was a great place for noobs. GQ held classes, had an active staff of mentors and a freebie store. I took classes on animations, organizing your inventory and flirting/dating in SL.… Read the rest

Out in the rain

I saw so many bloggers join Luna Jubilee's 52 Weeks of Color Challenge. It's good challenge but I have one major problem, I wear what I want and I don't follow much rules. I'm so sorry about this. Since I was a little bit too late to jump into the bandwagon, I made my own theme. Well it's not my first time on having one colour theme outfit in this blog. So far I have green, pink, black, and purple. My styling notes and more story

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52 weeks of colour – Plum (and lighthouses)

It snowed here in Provence this week.

And no, didn't look pretty. Dark, billowy clouds and grey skies - a good time to pull out a lovely plum sweater for the challenge and trim it up a little.

Then off for a wander around Vent du Sud to see the big lighthouse in winter dusk.

In fact, it made me want to pop in a few bits of furniture and a fire...

(Yes, the Vent du Sud plumgasm line, how did you guess).

Yes, 1L.

But no, I just watched the snow fall a little more.

Vent du Sud has three beautiful lighthouses for  new, amazing  build prices of 50L. Please fly around and look: there's a luxury model with roomy interior and decks, a smaller one, plus an offsim one. All 23 prims or less. 

The textures... well just go look!

Plus of course our furniture and decor all at 1L (including... plum but lots more)

Fashion: Morgan hair by Truth, MG sweater 'hunting season' in plum, gloves and socks by Picnic (also deep plum) with an extra: fur cuffs from a Zagoskin ski jacket. And my favourite J's round toe boots.… Read the rest

Depth of field, hotkeys, pink hair & leather

Let me start this post by saying the following snapshots came straight out of SL, with absolutely no post-processing. Not even cropping. Depth of field is now in SL! I first got wind of this fun new feature via Plurk; Aki Shichiroji started a thread on the SLU forums about this and shared details on how to enable it. To play with this shiny new toy, you must use one of the super beta mesh viewers that are build 2.4 215482, or newer. I was using 215482 for these photos; when I installed the viewer, depth of field was already enabled as soon as I logged in with it. If you decide to give this a try, I strongly recommend you read that thread on the forums because Aki explains which three debug settings you have to fiddle with, and what they do. (Note:  Your hardware must be capable of enabling shadows in order for you to use this feature.) While I’m on the subject of photography, I just wanted to add something about using the zoom hotkeys Ctrl + 0 and Ctrl + 8. There was a discussion on my Plurk timeline the other day about this.… Read the restPlaying with depth of field feature


On 28th November 2010 · By Sredni Eel · With Leave a comment
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Sherwani "Sunset" - Indian Clothing for Men

SLURL: XStreetSL: Business: Avatar Bizarre Price: 450 Permissions: Mod, Copy, No Trans

The Sherwani is a long, coat-like garment worn in South-East Asia and India, particularly in North India. It's usually worn over a short Kurta and Khara Pajama Pants.

It's generally worn during formal occasions and weddings.

This Sherwani outfit comes with the Sherwani in a rich orange fabric, flexi coat tails, a stiff collar, sculpted cuffs, a white kurta (shirt layer), the pants and puffed pant cuffs. This outfit also comes with the optional scarf.

As always, everything is copy and modify so you can resize to fit your own avatar.

At the moment, the Sherwani is only available on the marketplace and in my Port Majorca location. I'll be introducing the Sherwani line when I have the other colors made

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Seaside Picnic

I know it's cold out now for a good chunk of the world but I got this dress from The Sea Hole and couldn't wait for the summer to wear it. It's not a new release or anything but look! Picnic foods! The ants are an animated texture so they walk around and around the skirt. How cute is that?

Dress: The Sea Hole
Skin: JeSyLiLo
Hair: Love Soul
Necklace: Happy Finds
Pose: [Doll.]

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Advent Calendar at Orage Creations

Get your gift at Orage Creations mainstore everyday.
A great Advent Calendar with 24 presents (skins, clothes, hair, shoes, poses, make ups, lashes and more) is waiting for YOU from december 1st to 24th and many surprises during the Xmas period.

Stay tuned...

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Cast of Characters

On 28th November 2010 · By Atia Merryman-Jameson · With Leave a comment
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Following the ATIA CREATIONS theme of variety in shapes, at long last I’m unveiling my “cast of characters” as I like to call them. The following six avatar shapes were developed over the last 3 years out of utter weariness with seeing the same cookie-cutter shapes and typical age range (20-30) of the vast majority of avatars strolling around in SL. I believe other SL denizens are getting a bit bored as well based on the reaction some of my characters get when they’re out ‘n about. Gladys in particular, always commands a positive response. Maybe that's as much about the incongruence of her appearance vs. her attitude - she needs to be seen inworld to be appreciated!

If we’re all perfect and beautiful, where’s the relativity so necessary to make life interesting? I have to admit that I’m guilty of developing gorgeous, young avatars just like many other shape makers but I also love to see the rare, and well-developed exception. So here’s my first offering of unique avatar shapes.… Read the rest

Last Call Hucci N-Core Photo Contest L$50,000 Cash

On 27th November 2010 · By Eboni Khan · With Leave a comment
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N-Core and Hucci, two of the sexiest brands in Second Life have teamed up to bring you an exciting autumn photo contest! Hucci and N-Core are giving away a total of L$50,000 in cash! We are looking for photos that have a sexy fall fashion combination. Fall items are marked in each store with a fall leaf; these items are eligible to be worn for contest entries. Prizes Grand Prize L$ 25,000 Cash Photo displayed in both Hucci and N-Core Stores Second Place L$15,000 Cash Photo displayed in both Hucci and N-Core Stores Third Place L$ 10,000 Cash Photo displayed in both Hucci and N-Core Stores Honorable Mention L$500 Hucci Gift Card A Single N-Core Product Rules ● Products from both brands must be visible on the avatar in the image. ● Pictures must be posted to Flickr, tagged N-CoreHucciFall2010, and added to both the N-Core Official    Flickr Group and the Hucci Group. ●Only the avatar posting the picture will be paid the prize. We will only pay one avatar, if you are splitting the prize that is your responsibility.… Read the rest

[Insatiable Fashions] does Taste of SL! 11/27/2010

Hello Hello Insatiables!

A short, but sweet post for you guys today! Make sure to mosey on down to the mainstore this weekend, as I have an exclusive t-shirt dress waiting for you as a part of Taste of SL. This week's theme is Black Weekend, and I can assure you that there's some awesome stuff waiting to be snagged!

The dress is only L$40, and comes in ALL layers plus of course, prim attachment!

Like it? Then here's your limo:

SLURL to [Insatiable Fashions] HQ!

Until next time!

AliannaMarie GossipGirl

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Plum tuckered out and 52 Weeks of Colour challenge

OK, it's all there, right by the TP at Vent du Sud.


All plum or shades that go with it (such as taupe or grey or cream).

The beds have cuddles, but easy to add your own sets, and several colour options on touch for the pillows and covers - from rich satins to cool linens. 

Check out the couch (also colour change cushions) and flower arrangements plus luxurious fire with tools and logs....

Pretty little accessory pieces... soft rugs, gentle lighting, fabulous wall art.

And lots, lots more.

All at Vent du Sud...

And all at just 1L.


(I'm off to find an outfit for the 52 weeks of colour challenge now)


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Bob Cratchit

On 27th November 2010 · By Sredni Eel · With Leave a comment
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It's that time of year. Christmas is in the air, there's a bite to the wind, and snow drifts in the great city of Babbage. It's time for a Dickenian flare to your wardrobe with our venerable hero, Bob Cratchit. Like every poor working drudge, he only wants to spend time with his family and friends on the holiday, but without even getting paid overtime, he's stuck at the office crunching numbers.

It's cold and musty, and a dim oil lamp bathes the mound of paperwork in a pale orange glow. He can see his breath fogging in front of him as he huddles close to the wan flame of the lamp, trying to keep himself warm and his spirit bright.

Here's the latest new outfit from Avatar Bizarre, a tribute to a Dickens hero.
It includes:

Top hat
Shirt collar with cravat
Coat collar
Shirt cuffs
Coat cuffs
Pants cuffs
There's a splash of holiday color for this poor working man; a touch of green on his shabby coat, and a splash of red around his neck. This entire ensemble is modify and copy so you can be sure it fits YOU!… Read the rest


Poinsettias now available at Arctic Greenhouse! For a limited time, starting at just L$10(inworld only) for a special red/green holiday version, and L$25(inworld price) for other foil-wrapped planters. Also, there are only 25 mysterious special limited edition "mutant" poinsettias in the center of the store.

Click here to see the Red Poinsettia in Foil Planter on the SL Marketplace

And for builders, the full perm poinsettia kit: Unlike previous kits, inworld shoppers now have the option of just getting a smaller selection of pieces with one of the 3 new Poinsettia Sculpt "Sprout Packs" A,B, or C. Each of these 3 sprout packs comes with a smaller assortment of color textures. Or, like previous kits, you can buy all of the poinsettia pieces together in one discounted, unified Kit.

Click here to see the Full Perm Sculpted Poinsettia Kit on the SL Marketplace

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New from Fantasia! Ko’lel!

On 26th November 2010 · By DreamResistance · With Leave a comment
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Visit Fantasia In World!
The last in the Mayan series is "Ko'lel" or 'lady' in Mayan.

"Ko'lel" is an empire waisted, sleeveless dress, featuring penants at the chestband, a variety of fabric textures and a beaded collar with bands of gold. Available in 5 colors.

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With Love From Urbanista

Urbanista is participating in the With Love Hunt. Each item is 10L$ but the items in the hunt are worth alot more! The hunt will run until Dec. 17th, 2010. If you want to participate, click the poster in my store for info and the Starting Point. For the hunt, I’m offering the “With Love Set” It is Copy/Mod/No Transfer and is available on all layers.

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Plumgasm, and thank you and FAQ

On 26th November 2010 · By ARIADNE KORDA · With Leave a comment
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This was me yesterday, up above Vent du Sud, deciding to make a few things in plum (yes, I got a little carried away). And there is more to come but I kept popping different colours in the bedding to give you more choice...

It will be in the store for the weekend (and YES all at 1L) like the rest. Or if you're in a hurry, fly up 500m from the Vent du Sud square and help yourself.

This, for instance - and the lamp works! 1L only

Which leads me to a very short FAQ after several questions and a little mushiness after some lovely comments and questions over the last few days...(thank you thank you thank you!)

Is this a sale?
No. It's indefinite and probably permanent.

Do I still get customer service?
Sure do. There are times when RL work is frantic, but I do get back to people.

What permissions?
Mostly copy or mod/copy. Not transfer or full perm, sorry.

Are you going to leave the same stuff out or add new?
LOTS of new. See the photo above. I'll be moving things around, changing them, trying to improve.… Read the rest

Hucci for With Love Hunt

On 25th November 2010 · By Eboni Khan · With Leave a comment
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The With Love Hunt starts today at 4:00 pm SLT on Le Cirque. The items in the hunt are L$10 each but the value of each item is much higher, just like the Platinum Hunt. Hucci is offering 2 sweaters, male and female. The female sweater is a soft v-neck in pink with white snowflakes, prim attachment at the bottom. The male sweater for UPGRD is blue with dark blue and white snowflakes, prim attachment at bottom, with shirt hanging out and sculpted shirt collar. Also included are male and female fur ear muffs with antlers. the female ear muffs are pink banked fur and the male ear muffs are blue fur. Male and Female items both are inlcuded, items are copy, modify and no transfer. Happy Holidays and Happy Hunting! With Love Hunt Starting Point

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