LAQ Pale Skin Tones & BOOM Somnium

LAQ Mima Pale

I was really excited when I tried on my LAQ Mima skin in the new pale skin tone. I love doing the whole fantasy dress-up thing in SL and back when LAQ (formerly RaC) offered the Portrait skin line, I would often turn to my Akisha skin.

Now I have my beloved Mima in a pale skin tone! Woohoo!

Both Mima and Elena were released in the new Glow Pale skin tone, with some great vividly colored lipsticks and beautifully smoky eyeshadows. Each set also includes two makeups that feature some blood dripping from the lips (great for those who indulge in vampire roleplay), or blood spatters, scratches, and bloody hands — just in time for Halloween. I thought the furrowed brows on the more gory makeup was a nice touch, too. <3

LAQ Elena Pale

I’m also wearing a new release from BOOM. I love the name of this outfit: Somnium. Somnium is actually just a very simple black bodysuit; what really makes the outfit are the skirt and chest pieces, which are generously adorned with roses.

BOOM Somnium I

BOOM Somnium II

The skirt is sculpted into a shape that manages to be cute and sexy at the same time; it billows and flares out to reveal a bit of the thighs. There is a mesh netting overlay on the skirt, with a ring of roses circling the waist as well as a few more stray roses scattered on the right side. The chest piece features a halter type neck strap, and several nicely compact rows of roses.

You’ll be sure to find a set of roses to your liking; BOOM offers the skirt/chest pieces in a comprehensive 19 colors. (The col (Read more...)

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