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A sexy minidress with color block down the front, white and black sequin side panels, black back panel. Includes white and black sequin clutch. Available on all layers, prim attachment at pelvis. Prim Mod/Copy.  L$275 each, available in 8 colors. Located on the left front wall. Visit Hucci

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Getting shape in new skin

Isn’t it a nice number to look at? Well that if you’re using date system (dd = day, mm = month & yyyy = year). Ok let us forget about the that *snapping finger*. I want to show you the most important thing about me — yeah my blog so the thing in here 99.99% is about me — well let me present you my new shape Tadaaaaaa  Well can you see anything different on me? Nothing? Well to be frank, I don’t change anything on my body, I love just the way it is. I just change the face and the head. I ask opinion from Nat, now I know my head from previous shape is a bit too little than most people. Lol. I open my eyes a bit beause I know in previous shape, my eyes is small. So I tweak a bit here and there and let me present my closeup a.k.a my headshot. new face Just to celebrate my new shape, I bought LAQ – Mima skin. I know it’s a bit a month old but I was away from SL which mean I miss the skin when it first out. I don’t know about other people..but hey, it’s just me..I wear what ever strike my fancy plus I bought new fully scripted lashes from Je Suis.… Read the rest;)

Meanwhile in the countryside

I don’t know what it’s like in your part of the world, but currently it’s cold and damp where I live, and winter is definitely on its way…. I love Argraces hat/hairs, and bought this one for the cold weather, as with all Argraces hats, it’s touch to change colour.  simple. Credits Hat/hair – Argrace Skin – Exodi Coat – DeLa Top – Cynful Jeans – Zaara Boots – Surf Co Necklace – Lazy Places Eyes – Poetic Colors Poses – Everglow Location – Alchemy Immortalis

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How to get a few things right on SL blogs and when promoting stuff (and how I get most of it wrong)

Free.Seats four. Link!
Promoting things (or yourself) is fine and useful. Well, usually, because who doesn’t want to play show and tell? Most of us do, I think. Don’t we? Look at the pumpkin... which is course a plug. Different, eye-catching is good. But it may, in the long run, be better to stand out thanks to consistently good quality photos or products, interesting texts, or to a stunning layout, than - for instance - by blasting onto the scene with an epidemic of large fonts, bad spelling (see below) and exclamation marks (not to mention pretty non-sensational products). Ouch that’s bitchy but it’s an opinion. But again see below, last point. Fun. *Points at self* I take lousy photos and ramble to the point that product details are lost amid a mass of irrelevant text. Layout? What layout? Product quality? Well, ummm, having taken a quick tour of stuff advertised on the Midnight Mania circuit and elsewhere, I’ve seen worse than my designs. Much, much worse.… Read the rest