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new new newness from The Plastik, (dress) and I’m normally the superstitious kind and don’t like peacock feathers but I have made an exception as these are really good.  Also new and new creator for me is the necklace and earrings from Rozorregalia, they come in 3 different variations, script resizing and are beautifully made. Also new are the boots from Dilly Dolls, which come with a very easy colour/size/appearance script thing, so you can match them to your outfit. Credits Hair – head mistress skin – pink fuel lashes – b[u]yme necklace and earrings – Rozorregalia dress – The Plastik boots – dilly dolls Location – Virtual Decay

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Captured, hurt but still alive

Captured, hurt but still alive (Click to enlarge) Last Saturday, Leezu is having special sale on Au Revoir de Sade jacket. Gosh I was so excited on it and can’t wait to be home just to buy those coat. Once I wear it, I know the assassin look is coming alive again. With all tattoo layer makeup springing alive almost in every conner of SL, plus the approaching of Halloween, I know a new breed of make up will be in SL; the scratch, blood spill and bruises. I don’t like to get hurt but I really want to get my hand on those just for the Halloween. Sorry I’m not a fan of vampire, so I guess this kind of look will be ok for my Halloween look. FYI, all the scratch, blood and bruise makeup all over my body is from Randomocity. The best thing, most of it available in tattoo layer and system clothes layer (e.g undershirt, socks, & gloves) for the price of 99L. How do I look? I already have this blindfold for the longest time but my mind seems to be blank when I want to wear it for my own blog — but not until now.… Read the rest