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Meanwhile as dusk is falling

Last halloween post! I wanted to show off the wings, which are, in my opinion, the best wings in sl, they come in 2 varieties, spread or folded and are scripted to change colour – Illusions. All pictures in this post are unedited, as I want to show off SL Shadows again Credits Hair – Gritty Kitty Skin – The Plastik Top – XS Legs – Gauze Wings – Illusions

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My Halloween with a little bit of blood

I was rearranging my inventory last week when I found back this dress. Since I'm on a mission of "No Shopping Until I Finish Clean Up My Inventory". So I wearing this dress will be a good start for my Halloween look. At first I want Nat to help with the pictures. I told her I want to be vampire. Well, she pointed out about vampire skin from Glam Affair in The Designer Room. Argh I broke my mission (well I did finish putting everything in their main folder but not the sub-folder) *blush*. The skin is perfect. Full story & stylesheet

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Karrine Sweater Dress

On 31st October 2010 · By Eboni Khan · With Leave a comment
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Sexy micro mini sweater dress for the daring or a sexy sleeveless turtleneck sweater, the options are endless. Turtleneck sleeveless dress with an open back at a micro dress length, back zipper detail. Available in 10 solid colors and 8 argyle colors. Argyle are L$275 each and Plain colors are L$250. Discounted collection packs available. Located in main store on right wall Boots : N-Core Casting Group Gift

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Happy Halloween!

On 31st October 2010 · By Siyu · With Leave a comment
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Happy Halloween everyone! It might be obvious that this is one of my favorite times of the year. I hope all of you are having a marvelous time and enjoying the season, and I hope if you go out partying or out trick or treating that you stay safe and your costumes remain pristine.

I found a seasonally appropriate little "friend" as it dropped in a "friendly" manner onto my shoulder, and I thought I might like to relocate them to perhaps another person's head. Yours in fact.

They're quite cute actually... when they're not moving or trying to bite you. I'd like to get them out of the undercroft, so they're free to a good home. Just please... take them...

You can find your new pet Spidey in the orange box at the store! It's out near the new releases.

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Vampyre Suits in four exciting colors!

On 31st October 2010 · By Sredni Eel · With Leave a comment
In Avatar Bizarre, Second Life
Once again, I jump into the fray with four new suits.  Vampyre Gothic includes finely stitched detail on the sleeves, collar, cuffs and tails.  The shoes are polished to a high sheen.  There is a special array of jewels accenting the beltline and the collar.  The Ankh, the symbol for Life, sits at the throat, a shining beacon to immortality.

Vampyre Gothic is available in Royal purple, Wine red, Dusk blue, and Pewter.
Available at my main location in Burmilla, and currently Royal is available on the Marketplace.  The other three colors should be available on the Marketplace soon.

Each suit comes with everything shown in the picture, except for the model, of course.  I've been known to sell myself short from time to time, but I've never outright sold myself!

Everything is copy and modify so you can resize it to fit your own avatar.
Share and enjoy!

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Marigolds and Marigold Kit

A lot of new Marigold plants, flower planters, individual flowers, and vases are now available at Arctic Greenhouse.

Click here to see the Marigold Arrangement pictured above at the SL Marketplace

Marigolds are also now available in a comprehensive full perm kit for content creators, available inworld or on the SL Marketplace:

Click here to see the Full Perm Sculpted Marigold Kit

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Rhinestone Velvet Lingerie

Keep it warm with Fall in soft velvet and sparkle with rhinestone detail. The shelf bra has rhinestone trim and the garter belt / panty combo have additional rhinestone detail. There are small sparkles on the outfit to mimic the light reflections of the rhinestones. Stockings included with rhinestones down the back seam. Available in 4 colors for L$225 each. Located in main store on the left side of the building in the Lingerie area

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Chic Zombie skin

Halloween time at Orage Creations...a nice Halloween Hunt starts just today within november 10th (6 hidden pumpkins are waiting for you in my mainstore and you can't miss the *OC* Blood Witch dress in the hunt).Do you want the skin in the picture? It's easy... take it at 10L$ in my mainstore.

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Pink Hijab Day

I've been thinking for doing some post on things related to Breast Cancer Awareness. Sorry if my post is a bit late now. I saw someone post about Pink Hijab Day, being a Muslim this one is closer to me than any other campaign. Yes, I'm a Muslim. As quoted from movie My Name is Khan -- ok I changed it a bit --, "My name is Nieve Thor. And I'm not a terrorist". Ok let us forget about our races, religions, countries, continent or even skin colour for 1 minute and start focus on this; Breast Cancer. I've known few people in my life who have breast cancer since I was a little girl. Known doesn't mean I have a look first hand on the subject itself. Funny isn't it when we campaigning about topic we don't know. Few years ago, 2 of my sister's friends were diagnose with breast cancer. It was easy for them, remove the tumour, went all the radiotherapy and chemotherapy, later their doctors said they have clean bill-of-health. Ok, those treatment are good enough for them but why people keep campaigning when the treatments are good enough to cure the cancer.… Read the rest

LAQ Pale Skin Tones & BOOM Somnium

I was really excited when I tried on my LAQ Mima skin in the new pale skin tone. I love doing the whole fantasy dress-up thing in SL and back when LAQ (formerly RaC) offered the Portrait skin line, I would often turn to my Akisha skin. Now I have my beloved Mima in a pale skin tone! Woohoo! Both Mima and Elena were released in the new Glow Pale skin tone, with some great vividly colored lipsticks and beautifully smoky eyeshadows. Each set also includes two makeups that feature some blood dripping from the lips (great for those who indulge in vampire roleplay), or blood spatters, scratches, and bloody hands — just in time for Halloween. I thought the furrowed brows on the more gory makeup was a nice touch, too. <3 I’m also wearing a new release from BOOM. I love the name of this outfit: Somnium. Somnium is actually just a very simple black bodysuit; what really makes the outfit are the skirt and chest pieces, which are generously adorned with roses. The skirt is sculpted into a shape that manages to be cute and sexy at the same time; it billows and flares out to reveal a bit of the thighs.… Read the restLAQ Mima Pale

Meanwhile at the Zombie Apocolypse

On 30th October 2010 · By darkleyaeon · With Leave a comment
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Back to halloween and new and available today for Project Themory from League – Zombie tattoo layers and ‘I Bite’ Tank. Using Curios Battle Royale skins adds to the damage Credits - Hair – Truth Eyes – The Plastik Skin – Curio Face tattoo – League Tank – League Trousers – Abyss Feet – SLink

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Meanwhile while hitching

Ive stopped the  Halloween posts, just because of this tank, it’s amazing, has a sculpted bottom with gun and belt, scripted to change colours of the belt and shirt bottom, the pack comes with 6 different shirt colours. the boots are 50L today at Surf Co for FLF

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Meanwhile at the castle

More halloween, and newness from Pink Fuel, the skin is 100L and comes with the fangs painted on. Credits Hair – booN Skin – Pink Fuel Outfit – Blue Blood Shoes – Baby Monkey

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Meanwhile at the ruins

Still in that halloween state of mind, and a new dress from Dilly Dolls, it comes with a alpha texture for the torso, so the prim corset fits perfectly. Credits Hair – Truth Skin – The oBscene Dress – Dilly Dolls Boots – Baby Monkey Necklace and bracelet – NSD Poses – Adorkable Eyes Ibanez

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Unleashing Claudia

LAQ recently released the Claudia2 skin, and I’m really surprised: I lovelovelove my LAQ Mima skin, but I’m setting her aside for the time being because the lovely Claudia2 looks amazing! The Claudia2 skin is an update of the Claudia skin that was released (I think) a year and a half ago. (I’m not sure, I’d have to check the Properties on my first Claudia skins to check the Acquired date, but I’m too tired to log in right now.) I didn’t do much editing to my shape, other than make my mouth/lips slightly smaller and push the eye crease slider up a bit: There are ten makeups included, and a few of the skins also sport a sprinkling of freckles along the nose and upper cheeks. Claudia2 is also available in a variety of skintones to suit your preference (my image above features all makeups in the Milky tone): I’ve been wanting to do a post on my new-to-me outfit from Bare Rose; it’s a fantastic kimono called Unleashed. It’s seriously hot; I felt it was appropriate to pair this up with the exotic Claudia.… Read the restLAQ Claudia2 makeups

Woeful Wednesday at A Netherworld

On 26th October 2010 · By Isabeal Jupiter · With Leave a comment
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This week, the theme is spiders!  For Woeful Wednesday at A Netherworld, the sparkle spider dress!  Only 50L.

Taxi to A Netherworld

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Arctic Greenhouse 2010-10-26 19:32:00

New for content creators at Arctic Greenhouse, at a spooky introductory price of just L$600, Full Perm Sculpted Candles! Each is a single prim with a properly centered, self resizing particle flame script. No scripting experience needed, just add in the appropriate matching particle script, and you're set - individual unlinked candles will automatically update the size of the flame when the candle is resized.

Click here to see the Full Perm Sculpted Candles Pack

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The Burning Night (Aftermath)

On 26th October 2010 · By Siyu Suen · With Leave a comment
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Playing hosts to the hosts of hell turned out better than I could have expected... who would have thought they would be so kind, gracious, and considerate? One thing I noticed especially is that they are impeccably well dressed.

The costumes are always so stunning and creative at my parties and I end up a hopeless shutterbug, taking as many pictures as I can to take all of them in. There are a few more pictures on my photostream on Flickr. It's always almost impossible to choose who has the best costumes, however the voting cast Dyisi Oppewall and Ran Garrigus as the Burning King and Queen.

They are now the proud owners of the Burning King and Queen masks, which I will be releasing soon pending a couple of tweaks. I've been busy cleaning up all the ash from the floor and removing the tormented souls that stuck to a few demon's hooves.

Don't worry if you missed it! If you were in the group, I'll be sending the event mask (the one shown in the invitation) through a group notice.… Read the rest

el fauno

On 24th October 2010 · By Vanity · With Leave a comment
In Fashion, Mocha Stitches, Second Life
 A long time ago, in the underground realm, where there are no lies or pain, there lived a Princess who dreamed of the human world. She dreamed of blue skies, soft breeze, and sunshine. One day, eluding her keepers, the Princess escaped. Once outside, the brightness blinded her and erased every trace of the past from her memory. She forgot who she was and where she came from. Her body suffered cold, sickness, and pain. Eventually, she died. However, her father, the King, always knew that the Princess' soul would return, perhaps in another body, in another place, at another time. And he would wait for her, until he drew his last breath, until the world stopped turning...Horns:Female Horns Titania's Court Riann Maltese
Mask:Illusions Deer Mask-Siyu SuenLook One:Hair:LeLutka-OFRA hair - Metal
Ring:LaGyo Metalla ring silver-Gyorgyna Larnia
Socks:Pig - Knee Sock Mit Suspenders - Fog Sock Apatia Hammerer
Boots:p.c;Typhoon Boots- Gray Cici Vonderheide
Dress:R.icielli - ALDA dress white tinted gray- Vliet Troncon
Bodysuit:epoque-Lace Onesie - Grey Vintage McMillan
Look TwoHair:LeLutka-POMPAI hair- Metal Thora Charron
Skin:&Bean- Pillow Pale five-Keiko Morigi
Top:(epoque) part of Rigid Bodysuit- Grey Vintage McMillan
Skirt:LeL.Ultra]-SPIKE Nude Thora Charron
Socks:Royal Blue Nora Batty Socks in Dack Egg Marni Grut
Shoes:Royal Blue Treading Lightly Pumps in Silver  Marni GrutLook Three
Shoes:TokiD bowback grey shoes-maya Levane
Cardigan:LeLutka-IBERO cardigan gray-Azufr3 (Read more...)

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Answering a blog challenge

I saw this blog challenge from Luna Jubilee. It was interesting. Yup I’m one of the bloggers who have various pictures on the outfit I was wearing. I must have at least 3 pictures; full outfit, back or side and head/face. Sometimes my blog is just like my inventory catalog. I need to have at least pictures taken from 3 different angle and size or one big pictures with montage. I’m trying my best to have one picture per post…well minimum 2 pictures (To Luna if you’re reading this: Is it acceptable to have 2 pictures?) Well I don’t do much stuff review because some of the outfit I bought was like last month or even last year, as long it strikes my fancy to wear them. So I’m consider more on the style rather than review on what the latest of the market; unless it is given by designers to have them blog exclusively there and then. A walk among the flowers (click to enlarge) Another challenge is not to have the date in front of my blog title.… Read the rest