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Marigolds and Marigold Kit

A lot of new Marigold plants, flower planters, individual flowers, and vases are now available at Arctic Greenhouse.

Click here to see the Marigold Arrangement pictured above at the SL Marketplace

Marigolds are also now available in a comprehensive full perm kit for content creators, available inworld or on the SL Marketplace:

Click here to see the Full Perm Sculpted Marigold Kit

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October 2010
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Arctic Greenhouse 2010-10-26 15:32:00

New for content creators at Arctic Greenhouse, at a spooky introductory price of just L$600, Full Perm Sculpted Candles! Each is a single prim with a properly centered, self resizing particle flame script. No scripting experience needed, just add in the appropriate matching particle script, and you're set - individual unlinked candles will automatically update the size of the flame when the candle is resized.

Click here to see the Full Perm Sculpted Candles Pack

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el fauno

On 24th October 2010 · By Vanity · With Leave a comment
In Fashion, Mocha Stitches, Second Life
 A long time ago, in the underground realm, where there are no lies or pain, there lived a Princess who dreamed of the human world. She dreamed of blue skies, soft breeze, and sunshine. One day, eluding her keepers, the Princess escaped. Once outside, the brightness blinded her and erased every trace of the past from her memory. She forgot who she was and where she came from. Her body suffered cold, sickness, and pain. Eventually, she died. However, her father, the King, always knew that the Princess' soul would return, perhaps in another body, in another place, at another time. And he would wait for her, until he drew his last breath, until the world stopped turning...Horns:Female Horns Titania's Court Riann Maltese
Mask:Illusions Deer Mask-Siyu SuenLook One:Hair:LeLutka-OFRA hair - Metal
Ring:LaGyo Metalla ring silver-Gyorgyna Larnia
Socks:Pig - Knee Sock Mit Suspenders - Fog Sock Apatia Hammerer
Boots:p.c;Typhoon Boots- Gray Cici Vonderheide
Dress:R.icielli - ALDA dress white tinted gray- Vliet Troncon
Bodysuit:epoque-Lace Onesie - Grey Vintage McMillan
Look TwoHair:LeLutka-POMPAI hair- Metal Thora Charron
Skin:&Bean- Pillow Pale five-Keiko Morigi
Top:(epoque) part of Rigid Bodysuit- Grey Vintage McMillan
Skirt:LeL.Ultra]-SPIKE Nude Thora Charron
Socks:Royal Blue Nora Batty Socks in Dack Egg Marni Grut
Shoes:Royal Blue Treading Lightly Pumps in Silver  Marni GrutLook Three
Shoes:TokiD bowback grey shoes-maya Levane
Cardigan:LeLutka-IBERO cardigan gray-Azufr3 (Read more...)

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Don’t Want To Eat Brains?

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Maybe you want to eat a cookie that eats brains? How about this zombie bunny cookie? :D It's one of the many items in the special seasonal gift vendor at [KUE!] The normal every day gift vendor is still there too!Just go in, click the vendor, daily gift! If you want to make sure you get all of the adorable items, or if you want to have your very own vendor in your house for trick-or-treaters, you can get the special Halloween cauldron that dispenses these goodies for only 150L.

Mouth Cookie: [KUE!], daily freebie machine gift
Skin: Pink Fuel @ FTLO Halloween, 100L
Hair: KMH, gift
Eyes: Rozena

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Halloween Reminders

On 23rd October 2010 · By Mochi Milena · With Leave a comment
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Small reminder about Halloween events [PF] is participating in:

FTLO Halloween (

Bloodthirsty comes with 3 eyebrow options+cleavage. 100LDia De Los Muertos Skin (Rose) is a hunt item on the same sim! I was inspired by the wonderful face paint designs and especially Sylvia Ji.
You are looking for a grey leaf. Shh..I'll give you a hint, it's near some skulls :)Hunt ends October 31st!

Knitting Circle - Spooktacular Event (

3 cute Halloween treats! The entire pack for 50L!

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Rugs and Carpets

On 22nd October 2010 · By Eku Zhong · With Leave a comment
In Apocalips Japan, Second Life

Did you know that probably 99% of carpets and rugs in SecondLife are just taken from Google Image Search?
Some of them have not even been touched beyond cropping, and are either really bad resolution or rediculously oversized images.Why should you care?Well, oversized images will lag your home horribly. Bad resolution .. no need to say that looks bad. So what can you do? You can upload your own textures and create your own rugs, or you can buy rugs and carpets from merchants who do not charge an arm and a leg for them. At Apocalips we choose the highest resolution pictures possible. We crop them, resize them, enhance them with bevelling and generally do our best to make sure you get the crispest rug for your home. And what is best, we charge you only what it would cost you to upload the rug yourself... or less. Yes, all rugs and carpets at Apocalips Japan Furniture are under 10L$. They are all copy/mod ok, allowing you to adjust them to your living space.visit the store

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Low Low Goodies

On 22nd October 2010 · By Eku Zhong · With Leave a comment
In Apocalips Japan, Second Life
I know that colder weather is on the way in the Northern Hemisphere. And yes of course we are madly making new stuff that will warm your bones.
But because I have been terribly derelict about blogging, let me give you a few examples of our low, low goodies in the store.

First, my favorite;
The Smoosh.
Just 2 prims of goodness (one for the Smoosh and one for the shadow), The Smoosh Duo is chockfull of couple yumminess.

You can sit together, read, cuddle, massage and sleep.
And if you're alone.. no problem, the Smoosh Duo has a single menu too.

We have over 15 different textures to choose from. Suitable for indoor and outdoor because we have a rattan range of Smoosh too.

To compliment the Smoosh Duo, we made a smaller Smoosh Solo, which has only the solo menu... a variety of sitting, reading and sleeping animations.

The animations were made especially for the Smoosh. There is no feel of compromise here. In fact all of our unusually shaped furniture will have animations that have been created just for that piece, or have been adjusted out of world to fit that particular piece of furniture.… Read the rest

Grass Clump and Official Logos

This multipurpose grass clump has been available inworld for a while now as mod/copy and mod/transfer, and last month was released as a full perm kit. It's a basic, utilitarian shape that a number of clever content creators have already found other uses for, such as synthetic fibers and fur.

Also, these free logo textures were released inworld today, a few people have asked for a nice official logo they can incorporate into their box art, ect.

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New from Fantasia! Cleopatra!

On 21st October 2010 · By Elena of Braavos · With Leave a comment
In Fantasia Costumes, Fashion, Second Life
Visit Fantasia In World More Shakespeare!

"Cleopatra" was...vaguely inspired by the dress worn by the actress in this summer's Shakespeare production.  I sort of took the idea and let inspiration take me where it wanted to go this time.  This outfit is full of options and accessories, and perfect for your Halloween debute as the infamous beauty.  "Cleopatra" includes two linen shirts (one sheer, one not) to be worn with (or not if you're daring) a skin tight wrap dress.  Gold and gems adorn the top edge, just under the breasts, and the hem.  That's just the dress.  For accessories, there is a gold and silver headdress featuring ankhs, scarabs and golden wings, golden cuff bracelets with silver ankhs, an overdress of sheer gold cloth, and a signature Egyptian styled collar, studded with gemstone cabochons.  This set is available in 6 colors.

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More Sheerness delight @ INSOLENCE !

I am very honoured to announce the release of a new, sweet sexy lingerie set at INSOLENCE !

Back in the very beginning when I designed my first lingerie ensemble, I choose a very spicy sheer tulle as base material. The set was called Salome, and it has remained one of the best sold in my collection, all over the years.

So today, with a little more experience in sewing almost immaterial fabrics, I decided to give another try at resolute, deliberate sheerness for the daring and deliberately sexy girls in you !

This is how the Dee ensembles were born. I used a net and polka pattern tulle to wrap shapes as lightly as possible , and the thinnest ribbons to draw the expression of desire on skin, and tried to play with the frontier of vintage spirit in the cuts.

The Dee sets come in four autumnal colours, namely :

Black for the most classical :

False innocence in White :

A touch of vintage in Cream :

and a warm but so light Chocolate :

All the sets include both a large, comfy Boxer panty, and a sweet, lighter triangle one, at your convenience.… Read the rest

I wanna do bad things with you……….

On 1st October 2010 · By Vanity · With Leave a comment
In Fashion, Mocha Stitches, Second Life

Hello I think I used to blog here!
I'm slowly creeping back into Sl after the most amazing summer off travelling and spending time with my family,But now that the cold nights are slowly creeping back, so will I be :P
I wasn't planning on posting tonight but I very much got inspired after seeing the new sexy little Mack It Jacket from Lelutka.
Hope You Enjoy the Post.

Skin:&Bean-The Pale Anger kicks-Keiko Morigi
Eyes:Mynerva-Soul Heart Eyes-Charcoal -Zarothan Wylder
Hair:lamb. Glass Candy-Ink-Lamb Bellic
hair2:Loq Hairs- Hot Chocolate Black-Gia Pawpad
Jacket:LeLutka-Mackin It tan-Azufr3 Catteneo(New out now)
Tattoo:S o H-Phoenix tattoo faded-Seven Mornington
Socks:ZC-Nishar socks knee nude open toe-Zaara Kohime
Gloves:MekaNoiZe Labs- De/konstruk Black Gloves (shop closed)
Bag:LeLutka-Cadmio bag- Azufr3 Catteneo (New out now)
Note Book:Scribble- Moleskine (Blythe)-Radio Signals
Shoes:Royal Blue- Secretary's Dream Pumps-Marni Grut
Boy:Azufr3 Catteneo

p.s being away for so long it's bit over whelming and taking me a little while to sort out inventory and note cards so please bare with me Love always Vanity x

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