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Woeful Wednesday

On 29th September 2010 · By Isabeal Jupiter · With Leave a comment
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This week for Woeful Wednesday, I have a little babydoll dress for you.  It's *The Raven Dress* and it's 50L for Wednesday only.

Taxi to A Netherworld

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Builders, bar stools and bashing head on wall

You know it's going to be one of THOSE days when workers on your roof accidentally cut off your phone line as you attempt to transmit a large bit of work, you realise you stupidly missed a rather important vital notecard and you forgot to put an announced gift in your subscribo.  
Herb trio now in there; go grab it here. 

But anyway...

Sneak preview of some new stuff as in 3-prim, 4-pose, 5-colour VENT DU SUD bar stool for just 30L (just for a couple of days, then it goes up)

Where? In the bottom half of the tree haven (have to make you work a BIT). Look for, er, a big tree. Or if you like here's a direct TP.

Another photo and showing off HOC Industries Swype sneakers below too, which are great and cheap and colour change and I could live in them RL and SL.

Ah yes and colour strip. Want bright pink? Orange? Blue? Ask and it shall be done.  The bar that goes with it will be at the main store soon too so please, other colour theme suggestions welcomed.

Back to work and trying oh so hard not to shoot builders as I would rather like my roof to be watertight by tonight.… Read the rest

Take it on Faith!

On 26th September 2010 · By Atia Merryman-Jameson · With Leave a comment
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According to Webster's the word faith means: "(1) firm belief in something for which there is no proof (2) complete trust (3) without question"

Well, firmly believe and completely trust that without question when you put this shape on with the suggested skin, eyes and hair, have Faith that you'll be the most popular girl in the room!


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Hunky Harrison

On 26th September 2010 · By Atia Merryman-Jameson · With Leave a comment
In Atia Creations, Fashion, Second Life
I find it interesting how a skin can look so different on a different shape and with different hair and eyes. The great skin on my next model has been used before on one of my guys but the difference is striking when you put the two of them side-by-side.

Can you guess what other ATIA CREATIONS model has this same skin? If you can I'll gift the hunky Harrison shape package to the first person who can tell me who the other model is who lives in this same skin. The winner will be announced in a future blog post :)

In the meantime, here's Harrison!

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Fabulous, Blonde Erica!

On 26th September 2010 · By Atia Merryman-Jameson · With Leave a comment
In Atia Creations, Fashion, Second Life
Sometimes I have an idea of who I want to create next. But then I get sidetracked by a skin, eyes or hair I've recently found. Such was the case with my next model. I had in mind to add another Asian beauty to my stable but I found this fabulous blonde hair and had to drop everything to create a fabulous blonde somebody to wear it.


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Sim Restart Party today at NOON

On 25th September 2010 · By Sredni Eel · With Leave a comment
In Avatar Bizarre, Second Life
Just a heads up for those who would like to head out to Miskatonic University today, starting at 12pm SLT:
I'm going to start things off with a two hour dance in the Atrium of the University.  Avatar Bizarre is giving out a free Duke Windsor style suit for the occasion, and we'll be dancing to some awesome songs from the likes of Trees, Love and Rockets, Gary Numan, Nuvo West, Oingo Boingo, The Limousines, David Bowie, Cliff Richard, Danielle Dax, Oingo Boingo, and a whole lot more.
We're going to feature some rather. . .explosive entertainment during this event, so pyromaniacs and bomb defusers are welcome!  I'm hoping Mr. Tesla's Earthquake Machine will shake us to our very foundation.
Afterwards, we're going to be having some fun in a grand Lovecraft Role Play event, headed by Candace Bethune and Ceres Eilde.  If you'd like more information on characters, development, or just want to be a part as a monster, please contact either inworld.… Read the rest

Shrug Turtlenecks

Layering shrug turtlenecks are a great addition to your fall wardrobe. Available in 2 styles with different cuff options. The solid color shrugs have 2 prim attachments to finish off the sleeves, one on the forearm and another on the hand. The argyle sweaters have a tighter fit with just a hand cuff option. 10 solid colors, 6 dark argyle colors, 5 grey argyle colors. Collection packs 25% discount. Clothing on all layers, copy only. Prims are copy and modify. L$100 each. Located in main store on the right side, red wall. Black bra with gold and silver sequins, copy, all layers. L$75 Located on the lingerie rack at the corner of the left store in front of the swimsuits. Visit Hucci Outfits in Picture Left: Twink Midnight Middle: Tanya Denim Dress Faded Right: Gold Sequin bra & Ice Wash Skinny Jeans

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LAQ Nellie is now available

On 25th September 2010 · By melanie · With Leave a comment
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Sometimes, when I’m blogging a new LAQ skin, I kind of feel like a broken record… because I’m always saying that they’re beautiful, and that I love them. Here’s the new Nellie skin from LAQ. She’s beautiful, and I love her! I’m not sure what I like best about this skin: the eyebrows, the shading along the nose, the lips, the highlights along the upper lip? I noticed the lips on this skin were a bit smaller than the lips on previous skin releases, so I adjusted my lip slider a bit. Overall, I think Nellie has a (slightly) older look to her that is augmented by some of the more sophisticated makeups that are available: Nellie is available in skin tones ranging from Milky to Ebony; I’m showing Milky, Fair, Peach, and Cocoa below. (The pics above were shot with the Nougat tone.) Visit the Laqroki sim to demo Nellie! Also wearing…
Hair – Truth – Peta and 69 – Omnia 10
Lashes – Iris Ophelia – Lashed (tattoo layer) and LeLutka – Diva

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LOTD 9.23.10

Screw you summer! Make room for fall!

Hair:  Maitreya Zoe - in WalnutROLE OPTIC GLASSES ARCADIAOHARU_Dungaree Long Shirt in White~*RunoRuno*~ After Ballet Class Scarf::HH:: HucciBasic Turtleneck - BlackMaitreya Rolled Skinny Jeans - #02Shoes: Ingenue :: Dianthus in Bloom :: Crimson Poses by Luth[Tillie] Posing Stand HUD 3.0 Photoble by MudhoneyPicture Frames: The Loft - Addison Frame

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New from Fantasia!

On 23rd September 2010 · By DreamResistance · With Leave a comment
In Fantasia Costumes, Fashion, Second Life
New at Fantasia!

Big doin's over at Fantasia! First...a new release that I'm sure you'll agree is just sexy as hell. Oh, and totally not safe for work.

"Restricted" starts with a sirik-like wrap of chains around the body; neck, breasts, hips, even a chain between the legs to insinuate some level of chastity. Over this, and completely optional, comes a sheer asymetrical wrap. This is practically two outfits for the price of one! Available in 6 colors.

Coming next week will be the first release of a project I've been working on for the past month. Recently I was in a RL "Summer Shakespeare" stage production. Inspired by all the costumes, I decided to make SL versions of them. I'll be releasing these medieval gowns one per week (hopefully with other new releases), but teasers are out and a display is up at the store so you can see what's on the way!

25L Tuesday Fall Fete
The weekend of October 2nd will be the 25L Tuesday Fall Fete.… Read the restImage

The Burning Night

On 22nd September 2010 · By Siyu · With Leave a comment
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Things always get a little metaphysical on Carnivale around Halloween. Last year, the veil of life was thin and the dead rose to dance again in the halls. Some of those souls returned to paradise, others to eternal damnation. Well, the ones that returned to damnation apparently spoke of the marvelous time they'd had at the masquerade, and made their captors jealous. Last night I was contacted by an imp, a courier of a demon, who alerted me to the fact that certain creatures of the underworld were going to be inviting themselves to my masquerade this year. Rather than be a poor host, I decided to hold it in their honor.

You are invited, if you dare to come, to dance away the night with imps, devils, demons and seductive succubi. I will be host to the hosts of hell, and open my halls to those that you hopefully will never meet elsewhere. Come, all those that are tired of the same old circles and tortures and have some fun.

As usual I have to ask that when planning your costumes, you adhere to the following guidelines.… Read the rest

Old enough to know better (oh, and herbs)

Want one? Read on.

Well, I thought I was, y'know, relatively old and relatively wise. But SL tends to bring out the teenager in me, or maybe just the frivolous, stubborn, totally selfish part of me that RL requires me to tuck out of sight and get on with the work.

Meaning I've been doing too much mooning around looking at virtual waves and getting philosophical in a way I haven't done since I was a sweet young thing staying up too late and drifting around wanting to save the world and become rich and famous (with minimum effort, obviously).


Time to get on with things.

So the beach cabin is FINALLY for sale, and I am actually building more stuff and terraforming a bit and generally shaking off the end of summer blues.

Get it here: 19 prims, click the windows to open and close shutters, COPY
Right now at half price, i.e. 160L
Oh - and the extra 2-prim deck yours for1L.

On the deck, a set of pillows with a whole lot of poses (couples, friends, solo) to match the cabin, also half price at 50L.Read the rest

Hucci Goodness

 Eboni made Jeggings yay! Wendy Williams would be proud.
::HH:: Hucci Sequined Sweatshirt - Ruby::HH:: Hucci Zipper Jeggings - Medium Wash::DBS:: Hair Sessy-Charcoal[PM] Rea Suede Boots - RedU&R Dogs Madrigale Pierced Earrings Gold[MANDALA]TAKARA Bangle/Metal silver Nail & Ring*Adam n Eve Skin SashaGLITTERATI - Barstool 

::HH:: Hucci Lace Jogging Suit - Emerald TRUTH Hair Ruby 2 TreacleDahlinks Glow Mesh Hoop Earrings - Gold  Kalnins Sunglasses HauxU&R Dogs Cosi Fan Tutte Bracelet GoldPixel Mode Kavika Shoes WhitePose by LAP 

::HH:: Hucci Basic Tee Dress - Black & Pink*YourShape* Zeroboots BlackNo.9 Nylons Shiny Pantyhose II *black50*TRUTH Hair Valena black Pose by LAP

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New Lingerie at Urbanista

Couple of new things from Urbanista including a set of lingerie, a bodysuit, and 2 sets of panties… Tease is a fitted bodysuit that presents a tease of things to come with a sheer panel down the middle. It comes in 8 colors and is available on all layers. Star in every man’s fantasy in the Dream Lingerie Set. Satin Bra, Panties, and Garters on multiple layer options trimmed in black Lace. Black lace trim stockings come with the set. This set comes in 6 colors. Peekaboo Panties come in 2 different pattern sets with 4 pair of panties in each set. The Wild Pattern set comes in Zebra, Pink Zebra, Tiger and Snakeskin. The Solid Color set comes in Fushia, Cyan, Purple and Red. Now available at the Urbanista Main Store.

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Sneak Preview for the Silk Road Hunt gift!

On 19th September 2010 · By Sredni Eel · With Leave a comment
In Avatar Bizarre, Second Life

Inspired by Yul Brynner in The King and I, Avatar Bizarre proudly presents The King of Siam.  This is the gift for the Silk Road Hunt.

From the Hunt Description:
THE SILK ROAD consisted of an extensive interconnected network of trade routes across the Asian continent connecting East, South, and Western Asia with the Mediterranean world, as well as North and Northeast Africa and Europe.

The SILK ROAD grid-wide hunt will include shops with themes having to do with these countries, and will be as high-quality as we can all possibly make it.

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Hunt gift preview

On 19th September 2010 · By Sredni Eel · With Leave a comment
In Avatar Bizarre, Second Life
Sneak peak at one of the Make Him Over Hunt 4 gifts from Avatar Bizarre!

This year's MHOH hunt should be full of awesome gifts and fun surprises.  This time around Avatar Bizarre is not only giving out a couple of cool gifts (the other isn't yet photographed), but it's also a sponsor for the hunt.  If you spot me in the store, come say Hi.  Just don't hunt me down and hurt me if you have trouble finding the hunt item!  I'm just coming off the Twisted Hunt and, while there are no decoy items for the MHOH4 hunt at my store, it may prove a bit of a challenge to find :)

I promise not to be completely evil this time.

Oh, the second gift?  It's a genuine Australian Duster coat.  Not to worry, it's in the same box as the shoes.  Why don't you believe me when I say I'm not completely evil?

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Oreb jewelry set new at lassitude & ennui

On 19th September 2010 · By JackalE · With Leave a comment
In Lassitude & Ennui, Second Life

lassitude & ennui is participating in the Witch Hunt - which runs from September 18th to 26th - with this unisex jewelry set. Oreb comes in three sizes (larger size for men, and smaller size with a cleavage and a non-cleavage option - the cleavage option has a more strongly curved leather cord) and with a texture-change HUD. You can switch between silver, gold, copper and black for the metal, and brown, green, white and black for the leather cord. The texture-change is one script only in the necklace & earrings, which can be removed if so desired - instructions are included. Permissions are mod / copy, resizing is easily done using the build tools.

After the hunt, Oreb will be available at lassitude & ennui for 290L$ but why wait! Pick it up for free now, and take a notecard with landmarks to all participating stores.

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Thunder and Lightning! Plus Wear Gray exclusives…

Experience dramatic bright lightning and deep rumbles of thunder on your SL land. 'Weather! or not?' have created an intuitive menu controlled ' Thunder n' Lightning System' for your high voltage atmospheric pleasure. You can almost smell the ozone!

This system has some special features you won't find in others... it's very customizable so you can get the effects you want. You can control the localized placement of thunder sound repeaters, the volume of sound, the range of area in which the lightning strikes occur, and how often they occur. It's also got an interactive menu system that makes configuring easy, and cleanup when you want to delete the sysem is very simple.

We've been working on this one for months perfecting it! We think you'll be impressed, and especially enjoy the range and quality of the thunder sounds that are triggered by the lightning flashes. Fang brought his audio engineer skills to the forefront on that. In addition, we have optimized the scripting control for fasted response and lowest lag.… Read the rest

POSEUR loves cute couples, “crowds”, girls in poofy skirts and girls dancing in their undies!

POSEUR is offering four new items this weekend! If you loved the Possibility pose prop that debuted at Project Donate, you will love this one, too! Equinox is a great deal; it comes with a posing stand and particle emitter, and is loaded up with five couple’s poses. Grab your significant other and capture sweet, romantic snapshots. <3 Three’s a crowd? Not at POSEUR! The more, the merrier! Friends Forever is a pose set for three persons, so grab a couple of your favorite people for a fun photo. If you’re anything like me, you love poofy dresses and gowns, too. I loooooove gowns, I have far too many in my inventory. (Wait, what am I saying? You can never have too many… ) Anyway, I recently bought a couple of dresses and realized I needed poses that didn’t stick my hands right into my big skirts… so I made these. I hope you find them useful for your poofy skirt pictures, too! Do you dance in your bedroom and sing in the shower when no one’s around?… Read the rest1024_Equinox


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Linden Lab is migrating the web-based SL commerce over to a new site, and I have to say it's a relief and a pleasure to see it. For years the majority of users who wanted to shop without going in-world used Second Life Exchange, then XstreetSL, which was eventually bought out by Linden. They also bought out the smaller, yet substantially more pleasant to use Onrez (formerly SLBoutique) and since Xstreet was more popular they kept that one active, and us merchants lost the online service we preferred to use. For a year and a half we've had to live with the ugly, inconvenient to use, cluttered but very popular Xstreet, but now that's finally changing.

LL is finally unveiling their new cohesive marketplace which is a beautiful merging of the two sites. The technology Onrez used to make it more pleasant to merchants and the incredible volume of products and vendors of Xstreet are being merged after all this time to create the new SL Marketplace. It's not perfect, and it's still in beta, but considering Xstreet is closing October 19th if you don't like it, you don't have much of a choice (except maybe go to Apez...?)

I for one welcome our new online commerce overlords.… Read the rest