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Woeful Wednesday at A Netherworld

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I will have two items out for Woeful Wednesday this week - The Moonshadow Skins - "Hawt" - each skin tone is only 50L and the fatpack is 75% off at only 125L.

And the new Skeleton Tanks will also be marked down to 50L.

Taxi to A Netherworld

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Hibiscus Flowers

Hibiscus flowers have been released at Arctic Greenhouse. These feature a fully sculpted stamen (center piece), and are one of the most detailed prim flowers I've released yet. Also one low-prim version is available weighing in at only 4 prims. They can be found at planter pictured below on the east side of the store.

You can also get all the low prim and high prim pieces and color textures together in a full perm kit, also available now.

Click here to see the Full Perm Hibiscus Kit listing at XStreetSL

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New at A Netherworld

New at A Netherworld:

Skeleton Tanks in 6 colors
The Spooky House
The Victorian House
Cute little Voodoo Dolls
Taxi to A Netherworld

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Hasani Means Handsome!

I've always had a fascination with Egyptology. When I was living in Denver I had an opportunity to view the Ramses II exhibit and found it completely spellbinding. The advanced society of the Egyptians in the 13th century BC was beyond my imagination. And the beauty of the artifacts on display was breathtaking.

The most exciting adventure on my bucket list is a trip to the pyramids. But my bucket is currently collecting dust in the shed :( This is where SL comes in! I can visit the pyramids in a virtual world with a click and a tap. When I get there I want to meet a handsome and mysterious man who can teach me all about Egyptian culture and cart me off to the great pyramids of Giza. Hasani looks like just the man. Say iiti to Hasani!

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Buy One Get One Free Sale @ Urbanista

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Buy One Get One Free Sale at the Urbanista Main Store! Grab A Coupon Card off of the Info Desk and Save! Sales ends Sept. 4, 2010.

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Mad Hatter Sale

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Avatar Bizarre is happy to announce a sale on all the Mad Hatter outfits in the store.  They are regularly priced at $L950, and will be marked down to $L475 between Thursday, August 26 and Monday, August 30.

These are available in six different colors:  Red, Purple, Black and Orange, Blue, Brown, and Green.

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Bonnie Knees

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This article will be coming out in the September issue of Make Him Over Magazine.  Enjoy.

Bonnie Knees – A Word on the Kilt
By Sredni Eel

The Bonnie Knees Contest is a real life event, where you line up a few kilted men and allow blindfolded women fondle the legs to determine who has the nicest knees. One of these days I may suggest such a contest to someone inworld just to see what would happen. There’s also a truism about the kilt; if you wear one you will always be asked if you’re wearing anything underneath it. This is, perhaps, why the contest always goes over well with the ladies.

The kilt has risen in popularity on the Grid over the past year or two. In the “old days” it was difficult to find a decent kilt and, in fact, the available kilts either did not have a real clan tartan associated with them, or the price was high enough to make any good Scot catch his breath and beat himself over the head with a rogue Haggis. Now you can get an inexpensive kilt in any tartan you wish.… Read the rest

A Netherworld for Woeful Wednesday

Moonshadow Skins @ A Netherworld is participating in Woeful Wednesday again this week and is offering another skin.  This one, intentionally titled "Plurple" comes in three different skin tones and features purple eyeshadow and lips.  The Gigi shape is also available.  Each separate tone is available for only 50L Wednesday only.  After that, each tone will be for sale for 200L.

Taxi to A Netherworld

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Flattery gets you everywhere and CONTEST, people


Journey blogged the beach hut

Oh my that girl has flair. I need prims and I need 'em NOW.

Shamelessly stealing her photo but do look at the interior shots too. Wow.

She can take photos like a dream, including fashion shots that make me want to go spend Lindens I don't have. Take a look at her blog PrimGameProper in the sidebar because it's one to add to your must-read list:

Back to the contest though: read on

Here's a bit of the tree house which you can win by sending me (Ariadne Korda) a notecard in the next 2 days remember? Contest in yesterday's post and see both that and the beach hut and then get writing.

"Dear Ari I need your tree house / beach house to live in because I am a homeless elf / dreamer / beach bum and you are the greatest most fabulous most modest builder in SL"

That would do it.

Been meeting some great people recently I have to say, including Em Ellesmere of Sleek Home: also just added because (no not just because she blogged me) she's fun and also has a flair with decor.… Read the rest


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Apophis is the Serpent of Chaos, as well as a near-Earth asteroid. And now, it's a new suit from Avatar Bizarre!

Suit includes everything in the picture:
Coat with sculpted cuffs and collar
Flexi coat tails with a jeweled/chain belt
Pants with sculpted pant cuffs
Color coordinated waistcoat

Several colors/designs are in the works, but Nightmare and Midnight are the first to be released.

Visit Avatar Bizarre to find a variety of menswear, costumes, unisex clothing, eyes, and accessories. We also have a Gacha machine, which is a bit like a gumball machine.

Join the Avatar Bizarre Subscribe O Matic group for news on sales, hunts, and more.

Close up detail on the Nightmare Belt.

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Dubious Fun with the Dangerous Diving Board

Someone nailed this diving board together years ago and nobody has taken it down yet... you and your friends can still risk life and limb like you do every year down at the old watering hole.  Climb on it, hang off of the end, sunbath on top, peer over the edge, pretend you are a hero, lean against it and look cool, suspend yourself upside down from the side... heck, you can even dive off the thing if you are really brave enough! There are ten different poses to choose from in the interactive menu, and you can get five avatars on it all at the same time!
This is a collaborative effort between the building skills of Weather! or not? and the posing imagination of HopScotch. It's only six prims, including the shadow, and features all original sculpting and pose work you won't find anywhere else. 
Get yours in-world at the Weather! or not? Main Store. Down by the water you'll find one already  rezzed to take a look at. Our collaborative partner, HopScotch, also has them for sale!… Read the rest

Keyboard adventures and Yet Another Beach Hut and it’s free, sort of

I don't really think it's worth saying 'sorry haven't blogged' after a couple of weeks' silence (well, unless my massive following of 8 need a rambling and bad photo fix really badly).

My laptop -  and main working tool  - died, see. No, this is not a plea to buy my stuff to help me replace it (unless you feel like buying about 6 million of my builds).

I was halfway through this (see below) when it happened.

Uh-huh. Yet another beach house: they seem to be all the rage in SL but I built this one for a friend who had a real one and sent me a photo of it. It's 19 prims plus 2 for the optional deck below. And sort of free this week at Vent du Sud - read on!

I should really box it and sell it with lots of breathless prose, right? (No blogging, little building = few sales and my Linden balance is almost as sick as my ex-Vaio). Not sure how much it should be but around 300L I think.

But breathless prose is hard for one particular reason: I have finally bitten the bullet and after decades (!) of touch typing on a Swiss (qwertz) keyboard have migrated to a French azerty one.… Read the rest

Spruce Up Your DINING Space with AMBIANCE!

Spruce Up Your Space is back with gusto!

This month’s theme is Dinner Party and Ambiance has created the new Justine Dining Room full of texture change, animations, and decorative touches.

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Avatar Bizarre is a Sponsor in MHOH4

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The fourth Make Him Over Hunt will be starting on September 20.  This is a sneak peak at the gift provided by Avatar Bizarre.

The store is one of the official sponsors of MHOH4.  Stop by for a visit.

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Cavernous Fountain

This Mod/Transfer, highly detailed natural decorative fountain is only 27 prims. Animated water is accented by particle splashes.

When the owner clicks on the base of the cavernous fountain, ambient sound is toggled on or off.

The cavernous fountain uses specially formatted particles that recalculate size, speed, radius, and other variables automatically when the entire object is scaled.

In other words, this is a modifiable object and unlike some particles you may have seen it will not break when you change the scale, just manually resize the entire fountain and after a second or two the particles will automatically be adjusted to match its new size.

Click here to see the Cavernous Fountain listing at XStreetSL

Click here to visit Arctic Greenhouse in Second Life via SLURL

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Avatar Bizarre sponsors A Night at the Society Club

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I know this is a bit on the early side, but it'll give you plenty of time to put this on your calendar :)

The Society Club presents A Night of Great Tunes.  DJ Sredni Eel will be spinning all the best in goth and dance from the 80's, 90's and now!

Friday, August 27
6pm - 8pm

THRILL to My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult!  MARVEL at the Lords of Acid! Kick up your heels to David Bowie, Dr. Steel, Ministry, and KMFDM!  If that isn't enough, there will be some obscure New Wave songs to dance to.  Remember Celebrate the Nun?  Industry?  New Order?  Still unconvinced?  Let's play a round of Stump the DJ.  If the song you want cannot be played, you will win an exclusive prize from AVATAR BIZARRE!  Even if you prefer just to send your requests for the sake of hearing a song, all you have to do is whisper in the DJ's ear.

The Society Club is a  "Gentlemen's Club" with a Steampunk flavor.  Victorian, Edwardian, Formal and Steampunk attire are preferred, but we relax the rules for dances, so let's see what you've got!  This is an adult sim, so no child avatars allowed.  I'd love to see some of you at this event, because I love playing your requests.  You folks come up with some fun ones.… Read the rest

Woeful Wednesday

A Netherworld is participating in Woeful Wednesday.  This is a weekly sales event where your favorite macabre/horror shops will place an item out for 50L for that day only.

This week, I'm placing one of my new skins out. It is the first in a very soon to be released series of skins. I hope you like it.

Taxi to A Netherworld

The Woeful Wednesday Flickr Group is here:

Taxi to the Woeful Wednesday headquarters located at Into the Hollow.

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Angelic Candy

These gacha cotton candy wings from Skinthesis are sooo pretty! I don't remember the exact price but they were super freaking cheap. I feel like the sweetest angel in town!
Wings: Skinthesis
Hair: Lamb
Eyes and Skin: Tuli
Tank Top: Ohmai
Pants: Milk Motion
Tattoos: Heart Attack & Vine

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Latest subscriber gift from Kue is this cute little mouth goodie. Go get it!Worn:
Mouth Treat: Kue (subscriber gift)
Hair: Clawtooth by Clawtooth
Skin: Mango, Mango!

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Fishing for boots at Avatar Bizarre

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I took the plunge and got my store a 7Seas fishing kit. If you're in the mood for a bit of fishing, with the possibility of dredging some exclusive boots or eyes from the Children's Wading Pool, head on over, grab a seat and a beer, and have at it.

If the shark scares you, there's fish in the barrel.

I'm sure you can catch stuff in there, too!

Here's one of the nifty things you might find swimming around in there:

These boots are not for sale in the store anywhere yet, so be the first to get them! Just to make that picture a liar, they're transfer while they're in the fishing pond, if you want to send them to a friend.

Avatar Bizarre Teleport --->

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