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Project Themeory: What I Love

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A mix of sweet and creepy. My favorite combination :3Preview of Elly skin. 75L each.Comes with teeth and no teeth option.Okay..time for bed—-Hair: Lelutka

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July 2010
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Feeling beachy, thanks

Vent du Sud brings you:Opening 12.30 SLT – 21.30 Europeat the Vent du Sud ART CAFÉWho? R0bin Helsinki, a fantastic photographer and inveterate travellerWhat? Views from beaches all over the world: unusual, striking, unique (and affordable!)Why come to…

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One day exclusive July 30th plus Gatcha and Techie Hunt!

For the Silent Lion Troupe this month, our white offering – the Silver Medallion Pendant for L$ 75, one day only – Friday, July 30th! It’s both discounted and an exclusive color release – hop on over to our Main Store Location and grab a copy of this l…

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Sculpted Anthuriums, now available! In addition to a few new planters and some new zen stacked rocks, you can also now find Anthurium plants at Arctic Greenhouse.And for builders, Anthuriums also come in a full perm kit!Click here to see the Full Perm…

Fig chutney, sculpts and a tiny bit of frustration

No really, this doesn’t look like something rather awful, particularly when you see the figs all chopped up ready to make….Fig Chutney (yes, another adventure thanks to our neighbours-with-fruit-to-spare). It tastes wonderful. Check out the recipe in…

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Strategically placed fruit and other things of interest

It’s a lovely summer day here in RL southern France – and blue is really a part of Provence. So let me show you the GEO set called ‘seaside blues’.  I love blue and white and yellow when it’s hot, so I thought this might be an idea as a …

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The Joi of Evolution

I admit it. When I first arrived in SL I was not very good at creating a realistic avatar. Armed with the knowledge that, for all intents and purposes, there were no limitations to developing my own look, or that of another, I got a little carried away…

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Not a rant (with a digression on apricots)

Well, no news from the decor divas. Must say that a quick IM to say ‘ooops sorry it was a glitch’ would have gone a long way and I would be writing a blog saying ‘oh hey, mistakes happen’. But… I’m not. So subject closed, as far as I’m concerned…

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A hunting we will go. Or not. Rant.

This is a rant. Please be warned.Also, do help yourself to some Vent du Sud nearly-freebies (scroll down another one). A sample of what I do, with lots of attention to detail. Like, y’know, I’d do with hunt gifts. So what’s making me so grump…

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Look One:Hair:LeLutka-Pompai hair- Powder Thora CharronHair band:DP yumyum:Feather Katyusya(white) Toraji Voom(new)
Skin:-tb- Arsenic Blur Makeup Julliette Westerburg(Blur event Skins) (new)Lashes:Glow Studio:Devilicious 00 Anemysk Karu

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Deck, dock and… er no not that. DESIGN

So, all the automatic LM-giver scripts are gone. I do listen to people. Sometimes. Even if it can be anything but what I want to hear. Freebies, however? Will have the Brand New Magically Appearing But Self-Deleting LM script (ask scripting genius Geek…

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Blues (and no, not another chair) and compromises

Fairly serious post for once.For a while, and on recommendation, I’ve been using a small script that brings up a LM to my place (Vent du Sud) when buyers rezz an item. The other day, I was pretty irritated (think “strutting around my RL garden mutterin…

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Blank on Monday

No, my photography isn’t worse than usual. Nor am I trying for ‘fancy effects’. Logged on this morning to find that yet again somebody hadn’t bothered with the ‘off’ switch on Menthal’s great dance floor mist machine (except it was purple and… purple…

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Musings over mangoes, and the joy of giving

So yesterday I was making mango chutney (this is sort of relevant, I promise) and hopped into SL from time to time.A couple of nice things happened… like being BLOGGED IN SWEDISH. And even better, being told about it by a very pleasant Swedish f…

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NEW!!! Gillian

Ladies, have you ever bought an irresistible pair of shoes but had nothing to wear them with? Or guys, have you ever bought a sick set of rims but your ride is a piece of junk? So you set out on a hunt for that perfect outfit to go with the shoes or a …

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What was (and still is) in the subscribo, beaches, and George winks at my dress.

Here’s the subscribo gift from Vent du Sud (and thanks to Oisele who liked it so much she sent me a photo of it below. Up top is me, trying not to go shopping!)Four great poses (animated) and two great colours. Last chance to get it today (unless …

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Mustard is the new black – and espadrilles rock upside down

Adjusting poses has its moments, eh? Must talk to Coco Designs to see if she thinks this would be THE advertising campaign for her espadrilles (which are, btw, gorgeous and beautifully detailed and… yeah). OK, no. Joking. Sorry Ms. Lemon. Pause while…

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WANTED : Escape duck

EDIT> Sorry, but this event has ended. By popular demand you can now purchase the prize (rare vanda orchid planter) inworld.Here is a video of what a typical fight looked like:Earlier this month, Arctic Greenhouse received a shiny package containing a…

Bold, bright and beautiful (oh, and black)

Yes I know I already posted today. But…. I’m EXCITED now I’ve got the revamp done. So…I love pastels, don’t get me wrong. I do a lot of pastels. But sometimes you need to make a bolder statement.The Vent du Sud GEO set “Black and  Brights” is …

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C’est fini … the Vent du Sud major revamp

Peer at the photo of my newly-done Vent du Sud mainstore, and there is a person sitting on the couch near the middle. It’s me, wondering what on earth I’ve fogotten to do (there’s sure to be something).Because, after work travel and work in general and…

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