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Project Themeory: What I Love

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A mix of sweet and creepy. My favorite combination :3
Preview of Elly skin. 75L each.
Comes with teeth and no teeth option.

Okay..time for bed
Hair: Lelutka

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Feeling beachy, thanks

Vent du Sud brings you:
Opening 12.30 SLT - 21.30 Europeat the Vent du Sud ART CAFÉ
Who? R0bin Helsinki, a fantastic photographer and inveterate travellerWhat? Views from beaches all over the world: unusual, striking, unique (and affordable!)Why come today? Because these photos are beautiful. Because R0bin is fun to talk to. And because today, there are gifts (including photos and surprise gifts at the opening) and dancing on the square!How long? Until R0bin puts up a new series of photos, so don't wait too long - she has so many fantastic themes and ideas.

And while you're here, have a wander on our quiet beaches, admire the sunsets from a lighthouse... and feel free to come over in swimwear and dive off our dock (or watch the dolphin, the seagulls or the waves or take a pedalo ride around the island).
(Swimwear on me: "Swallow" by BareRose which is my all-time favourite and comes in 4 colours for 135L)(PS: Find it at BareRose using their website here)
We would really, really love to see you at Vent du Sud later today (and the exhibition is already open so if you can't make it later, come on over right away)!… Read the rest

One day exclusive July 30th plus Gatcha and Techie Hunt!

For the Silent Lion Troupe this month, our white offering - the Silver Medallion Pendant for L$ 75, one day only - Friday, July 30th! It's both discounted and an exclusive color release - hop on over to our Main Store Location and grab a copy of this lovely original design with custom sculpting and three different types of chain to choose from. ... and for a more whimsical treat try your luck at the Albero Gatcha Festival where you can find our Flower Fluffs! Five different colors and rare with particles for only L$ 20 each.Then starting on August 1st and going throughout the month is the Techie Hunt. We've decided to get back to basics on this one, and offer you the ever-useful Battery Backpack! The lead sparks a bit, but don't worry, we're sure it's perfectly safe, and it comes with a lead you can hold in your hand as well so you're ready to offer assistance! ;)  Also available at the Weather! or not? Main Store.

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Sculpted Anthuriums, now available! In addition to a few new planters and some new zen stacked rocks, you can also now find Anthurium plants at Arctic Greenhouse.

And for builders, Anthuriums also come in a full perm kit!

Click here to see the Full Perm Anthurium Kit listing at XStreetSL

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Fig chutney, sculpts and a tiny bit of frustration

No really, this doesn't look like something rather awful, particularly when you see the figs all chopped up ready to make....

Fig Chutney (yes, another adventure thanks to our neighbours-with-fruit-to-spare). It tastes wonderful. Check out the recipe in the link.

So, fresh from putting it into jars (lovely waft of balsamico), I came up with this...

...(amid much hilarity from various sources). But seriously, they are such LOVELY colours. 

Seats up to 5, 9 prims in total, lots of anims, couples poses too. Get it HERE for the next 48 hours only, and 100L instead of 199L.

Also, I am too broke to buy some fun-looking sculpt maps of jamjars with fruit preserve textures, which I rather like the idea of giving out as freebies. It may still happen. So yes, this is a compromise at half price and then I may go sculpt-hunting. 

And I can feel a rant coming on but will TRY to make it short.

I've heard a few derogatory comments recently about 'hmph, that's just a sculpt bought on XStreet with a texture slapped on'.… Read the rest

Strategically placed fruit and other things of interest

It's a lovely summer day here in RL southern France - and blue is really a part of Provence.
So let me show you the GEO set called 'seaside blues'.  I love blue and white and yellow when it's hot, so I thought this might be an idea as a special.
As my subscribo group know, there's a HUGE deal on it, in a box that includes the whole lot - couch, chair, (both with singles and couples poses, colour change cushions), table, rug, pillow set (top pic), glassware plus a little extra (hint: it's yellow). Where?At Vent du Sud, obviously. See the set in my mainstore opposite the  tp point here but THEN...take yourself off over here to find the WHOLE lot for 120L. Only until about 12 hours from now (i.e. when I wake up tomorrow morning).
And as I'm sure some of you are already missing the regular fruit references...

I have a friend with a sense of humour who sent it to me as a gift, see. Quite... er... a fashion statement. It's called 'Eat Fruit' and is by Gumi Yao.… Read the rest

The Joi of Evolution

I admit it. When I first arrived in SL I was not very good at creating a realistic avatar. Armed with the knowledge that, for all intents and purposes, there were no limitations to developing my own look, or that of another, I got a little carried away. Besides, it was such fun to be able to alter one's look with the tap of an arrow key. Moreover, back then the availability of good skin/hair/eyes was limited. So between my lack of skill and not finding quality avatar basics, I created some "interesting" looks and some that were just not very good.

For example take a look at my first attempt to create a blonde bombshell avatar for my friend Joi. ATIA CREATIONS advertises realism. Based on that claim I can see all sorts of things wrong with Joi. Her eyes are too big and wide set, the brows too arched, mouth too small, forehead too high and legs too long. And if we're going for the bombshell image then her ta-tas are woefully small.

Before I even decided to go into the shape business, I knew I wanted to see more realistic avatars in SL.… Read the rest

Not a rant (with a digression on apricots)

Well, no news from the decor divas. Must say that a quick IM to say 'ooops sorry it was a glitch' would have gone a long way and I would be writing a blog saying 'oh hey, mistakes happen'.

But... I'm not. So subject closed, as far as I'm concerned.

(Today's nearly-free offer. Small but fun... scroll down for details).

So yesterday turned into a rather bizarre day. I had a deadline to meet for (RL) work, which was somewhat complicated by the arrival of a neighbour with two massive boxes of apricots that needed to hit the jam pan before they went more mushy (the joys of rural French living!).
Delegated husband to buy sugar and chop fruit and stir, while I ploughed through a translation that makes watching paint dry seem positively thrilling. Lunch break, popped inworld to gossip with a couple of friends, and of course for that Barbie Moment. 

Nothing quite like feeling feminine in SL when in RL you're in scruffy shorts and tee, with apricot-y dribbles.… Read the rest

A hunting we will go. Or not. Rant.

This is a rant. Please be warned.

Also, do help yourself to some Vent du Sud nearly-freebies (scroll down another one). A sample of what I do, with lots of attention to detail. Like, y'know, I'd do with hunt gifts.

So what's making me so grumpy? Well... hunts. Or rather one particular hunt-to-be.

See, I organised a couple, way back. They involved up to 30 (mainly fashion) stores, and it was a hassle. Helping vendors, helping hunters (some of whom behaved liked spoiled brats, but most were lovely), answering countless IMs and notecards, and plugging away to get it on blogs, on the events calendar, etc.

It did wonders for traffic, i.e. for getting the sim I co-owned on the map. Whether it was any use to the vendors is hard to say. We recommended that people put good stuff out, as a 'visiting card'. Some did. Some.. didn't. I was tempted to grumble about that but didn't. It was their call. But for me, I see it as good advertising: people may come back.… Read the rest


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Look One:Hair:LeLutka-Pompai hair- Powder Thora CharronHair band:DP yumyum:Feather Katyusya(white) Toraji Voom(new)
Skin:-tb- Arsenic Blur Makeup Julliette Westerburg(Blur event Skins) (new)Lashes:Glow Studio:Devilicious 00 Anemysk Karu
Belt:LeLutka-Quimbaya Belt White-Azufr3 CatteneoTattoo:flowey. heart or head? Flutter Memel
Ring:LaGyo Sense of life ring silver Gyorgyna Larnia
Shoes:Maitreya Gold  Allure-Sock -Onyx LeShelle
Dress:Tee*fy Yurim Dress Nude Chest-Azure Electricteeth(new)Bag:MayoNaise Gatcha Tomoyo Breatman(Albero Summer Gatcha Festival)(new)
Look TwoHair:LeLutka-Jenniffer - Powder Thora Charron
Stockings:(Ooh LaLa!) Seam Stockings - Nude-Nylon Pinkney
Skin:-tb- Hazey Blur Makeup Julliette Westerburg(new) Boots:Kookie:Bonnie Desert Kookie Lemon(new) Pantys(Ooh LaLa!) Betty BodySuit Bottom - Cream Nylon Pinkney
Necklace LaGyo Imber necklace silver white Gyorgyna Larnia(new)
Bangle:LaGyo Pretiosa bangle silver white Gyorgyna Larnia(new)
Belt:R.icielli - VANESSA belt /cream Fhara Acacia
Dress:Tee*fy Paito Dress Creme Shoulder Azure Electricteeth(new) Bag:Milkmotion:The bow Bag Marie Lauridsen (coming soon)
Poses Del May

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Deck, dock and… er no not that. DESIGN

So, all the automatic LM-giver scripts are gone. I do listen to people. Sometimes. Even if it can be anything but what I want to hear.
Freebies, however? Will have the Brand New Magically Appearing But Self-Deleting LM script (ask scripting genius Geek Back if you want one).
And having done that I am ready to ramble on again.

... about deckchairs.  And an idea I had when I came up with a series of seaside-ish type things. Find these two in the Vent du Sud mainstore at 120L for the pair or 69 each, btw, if you're feeling nautical.  Or captainish or mateish.
Please check them out: yes they're simple but a lot of care went into the texturing.
Yes, they have (3, animated) poses- see one of them below. Three prims each. Ideal for watching sunsets after a long day of fiddling with scripts.

Better still, how about customised ones?

Here's a set I did for a lovely lady yesterday. Custom ones are 80L each, 130L for a pair, and you can choose the fabric, font, wood and the names you want, within reason (for example your own name, or His and Hers, Stupid and Stupider, Master and Slave, or a store name, event name or...… Read the rest

Blues (and no, not another chair) and compromises

Fairly serious post for once.

For a while, and on recommendation, I've been using a small script that brings up a LM to my place (Vent du Sud) when buyers rezz an item.

The other day, I was pretty irritated (think "strutting around my RL garden muttering under my breath") about people complaining about this... in a freebie.

After talking about it in a discussion forum, I had lots of opinions on getting 'unsolicited LMs'. They ranged from 'clicking a small x is no big deal and lots of vendors have these things' to 'it scares me off buying her stuff' and (!!)  'if she won't delete it from what you bought, AR her for spamming'.


I got pretty upset about the AR stuff although fine, I can see that some people appear to be highly sensitive about 'unwanted LMs' popping up when they rezz stuff. I'm not quite sure how many times somebody would want to rezz anything of mine but OK, if it's a tree and you want to rezz a forest, that would be LOTS of clicks.

On the other hand, I don't spam on my subscribo, and don't send out 'please join my group' messages, or use a greeter.… Read the rest

Blank on Monday

No, my photography isn't worse than usual. Nor am I trying for 'fancy effects'.
Logged on this morning to find that yet again somebody hadn't bothered with the 'off' switch on Menthal's great dance floor mist machine (except it was purple and... purple is not my favourite colour). Great gizmo though and apparently it's selling really well. Go check it out (but please TURN IT OFF after!)
So, anxious to avoid work, I started musing about colour and tinting, mainly because last night I tried on the new group gift from Kunglers (50L very well spent, may I add). LOVED both parts, but not together. So having tweaked the skirt to fit, I added the bare top from Coco and tinted it.
I have to say that I tend to buy a LOT of white or light-coloured, modifiable clothes and tint them. Just call me thrifty :)
Did you know, btw, that if you hit advanced / UI / show color under cursor you can match just about anything? Go try it: you get the RGB values of whatever's under your cursor shown to the bottom right of the screen.… Read the rest

Musings over mangoes, and the joy of giving

So yesterday I was making mango chutney (this is sort of relevant, I promise) and hopped into SL from time to time.

A couple of nice things happened... like being BLOGGED IN SWEDISH. And even better, being told about it by a very pleasant Swedish fellow builder. SL can be great like that (and I actually figured out Google translator to make sure it didn't say 'maker of the crappiest stuff in the metaverse'...)

(It didn't).

Also, a couple of people liked my free chairs (see yesterday's post). One lady had a bit of a tussle with nPose but a quick TP and a point to the notecard solved that.

(See? Mango. Read on....)
And then... an IM that to be honest left me halfway between infuriated and rolling on the floor laughing.
See, I add LMs-on-rezz to my stuff. It's called 'advertising', hmm? Where I think it's useful, I bung in a notecard (see above: sometimes it helps but with nPose stuff, no notecard on rezz or you get all the config cards as well).
But, oh bad, terrible builder that I am, I actually popped the LM into the gift box as well as the two chairs, so (gasp) it came up more than once.… Read the rest

NEW!!! Gillian

Ladies, have you ever bought an irresistible pair of shoes but had nothing to wear them with? Or guys, have you ever bought a sick set of rims but your ride is a piece of junk? So you set out on a hunt for that perfect outfit to go with the shoes or a righteous car worthy of those rims, right? Well that's what happened here. I found this edgy hair at one of my favorite hair merchants. But it didn't work with any of my exsisting models. So I created a model to go with the hair. Cart before the horse? Yes, but look at the results.

Introducing Gillian!

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What was (and still is) in the subscribo, beaches, and George winks at my dress.

Here's the subscribo gift from Vent du Sud (and thanks to Oisele who liked it so much she sent me a photo of it below. Up top is me, trying not to go shopping!)
Four great poses (animated) and two great colours.
Last chance to get it today (unless I forget to take it out, which is quite possible). Don't forget there are lots of other colours (and great value packs of 3 or 6 colours) at the ART CAFE just by the square (more on that soon).

Today's featured item? Think beaches!

This pretty driftwood frame called 'Seaglass' is very beachy indeed: check out the details (10 prims, transfer: a great summer gift for someone). Today, only 50L. In the mainstore.
And speaking of beaches, and shopping, here's an upcoming beachy feature (no, not me, the chairs) and a stunning bargain from RunoRuno that I had to slip in here somehow. It's called the Hyperkinetic dress, costs a tiny 50L and I just LOVE it. George the seagull seems to approve too. He kept winking, anyway.… Read the rest

Mustard is the new black – and espadrilles rock upside down

Adjusting poses has its moments, eh? Must talk to Coco Designs to see if she thinks this would be THE advertising campaign for her espadrilles (which are, btw, gorgeous and beautifully detailed and... yeah).
OK, no. Joking. Sorry Ms. Lemon.
Pause while Blogger flatly refuses to insert a GOOD photo of said espadrille. So have a SLURL to Coco instead. Anybody wishing to make me happy, I'll have one of everything in every colour from that store, please. Particularly the shoes and boots. And the tops. Oh, and the skirts. And OK, the pants as well.
And yes, joking again (well... partly.).
Well OK, not at all. (Another pause to look at my Linden balance: where's a Linden-rich man when you need one?).
No hard sell today. Just a reminder to sign up to the Vent du Sud subscribo as the new gift (yes, the chair is a hint) will be in there this weekend, but in two colours exclusive to my lovely subscribo people. Other colours, btw, and low-cost copiable packs thereof, in the ART CAFE which will be the subject of another rambling post soon.… Read the rest

WANTED : Escape duck

EDITSorry, but this event has ended. By popular demand you can now purchase the prize (rare vanda orchid planter) inworld.

Here is a video of what a typical fight looked like:

Earlier this month, Arctic Greenhouse received a shiny package containing a duck to place for Madpea's Duck Hunt. Unfortunately, I was too busy sculpting (and cursing at) tulips to properly care for and place this duck, and he evaded captivity quicker than I could say “flew the coup”. But you can help! Find this fowl escapee and bring him to justice, and we'll give you the free rare Vanda orchid planter seen below!

Now, this dangerous duck cannot and will not just be "hunted". This renegade duck is mad as hell and intends to put up a fight! Talk with our slightly-disgruntled and myopic Robot Trainer in the underground volcanic area, and learn the skills needed to rise up to the challenge of your rival - just a duck, and his will to survive!

This mission consists of 1 small hunt-challenge (finding 2 supporting items) and then preparing for and confronting the duck in a short non-interactive cutscene.… Read the rest

Bold, bright and beautiful (oh, and black)

Yes I know I already posted today. But.... I'm EXCITED now I've got the revamp done.

I love pastels, don't get me wrong. I do a lot of pastels. But sometimes you need to make a bolder statement.

The Vent du Sud GEO set "Black and  Brights" is a statement all of its own, and it's a great deal: Although you can buy each piece separately, the whole (copiable) set is a steal: 3-seater couch, chair, rug, table, glassware aaaaaaand a great set of throw pillows...  (yes, those over there with a HOST of poses in them: singles, couples, you name it).

... and all for just 250L: Huge savings on the separate prices. Low prim (couch 7, chair 6, table 4, glassware 3, rug 1 and pillows 6... an entire living room for just 21 prims!

Click on the scatter cushions and table top (see the colour strip), and you can change teach one: bright, bold, rich colours.

But saving the best for last, there's a whole host of fabulous animations in the seating: lots of choices, including couples' poses and  -because I can't be the ONLY person who likes to sit on the floor, can I?… Read the rest

C’est fini … the Vent du Sud major revamp

Peer at the photo of my newly-done Vent du Sud mainstore, and there is a person sitting on the couch near the middle. It's me, wondering what on earth I've fogotten to do (there's sure to be something).

Because, after work travel and work in general and not even finishing the blogger challenge, I had one of those things called a "quiet period". Rare, for me, but hey: if you freelance you take work when it's there. Not complaining. Well, not much.

It lasted three days (gee thanks, clients...), but I finally got all the new stuff out and redid a lot of Vent du Sud. The pétanque has moved (see the sign) and we have a GREAT new 'Art Café' (which I need to fit out, but R0bin's photos are in and... wow). More on that later.

Lots of new stuff, though. Meaning packing it, making new signs, putting it in place, remembering to put LMs in, notecards in, testing it Yet Again. Finding a rogue script, fixing it thanks to a lovely person in the nPose group (thanks, Howard...!), and - because this is me - dropping a poster texture onto the main square (yes, yes, lock it, Ari).… Read the rest