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Ignacia Fire

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  This post was inspired by Anemysk Karu part of the glow studio team has just released four amazing lash sets that all based on the four elements air, water, earth, and fire.I used the lashes from my favorite set Fire, the lashes in each set are just breath taking like tiny little art canvases for your eyes< i may have to do a blog post to show all the elements :P    

Skin:(bodyline)Sara (from the good shit hunt)by Nedeko Kohime <3 this skin so much so happy there was an addition make up in the huntHair:W&Y Hair New20 type A by yukitan FarrjonesEyes:Poetic Eyes-evening sky - small by Lano LingLashes: [ glow ] eyelashes - Fire by Anemysk KaruSweater:Gigi Couture Orange Velvet Sweater Modified shorter by Giana PaineSkirt:*COCO*_Bubble Skirt(Leopard)by cocoro LemonBra top:[dekade.] *Micro* Bikini top black (freebie)by Kira AhnNecklace:Earthtones-Ganesha Necklace Gold Long (chest)by Lucas LamethEarrings:[Mandala]Takayana gold by kikunosuke Eel Bangles: Earthtones Leopard Bangles by Lucas LamethBracelet:[Mandala]Lotus chain Bracelet by kikunosuke Eel Anklet: {Zaara}Nizam Payal (anklet) by Zaara Kohimeheadband:Extremely modded necklace from Mandala wore on the head don't try this at home I was super bored and was linking and un linking for ages.… Read the rest




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New from Fantasia!

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New from Fantasia!
Visit Fantasia In World!

"Harem" is an outfit modeled on modern tribal fusion belly dancer costumes. The velvet halter top is edged in braided gold leather, with beaded ropes to accentuate movement. The pants are full bubble pants with a damask pattern. The skirt has a tassel edged, gold thread embroidered scarf, gold medallion, and panels of gold edged, sheer fabric. Available in 6 colors and a RFL exclusive!

"Persian" is a somewhat more traditional harem outfit, or chalwar. Sheer patterned fabric is cinched under the bust with a tassel edged, leather bodice, leaving the sleeves loose and puffy, while the same leather forms a 'panty' over the sheer harem pants. Available in 6 colors and a RFL exclusive!

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New Independence Day/Bastille Day gown & more!


It happens to me every year, I look at the calendar and July is right at my doorstep -- and I haven't even started on my annual "Patriot" item!

Luckily this year I am a little ahead of schedule -- I present to you "Juillet," a ball gown to celebrate American Independence Day on July 4, and French Bastille Day (also known as La Fête Nationale) on July 14. It's specially priced at just 100L!

Juillet (July) is the month my Role Play character celebrates two monumental events in the history of her adopted nation and her birth nation: American Independence Day on July 4, and French Bastille Day (also known as La Fête Nationale) on July 14.

The flags of both nations share the colors red, white and blue, and so Juillet was created to honor the shared triumph of the American and French people in reaching toward the historical ideals of democracy.

I hope you enjoy this gown and have fun at the many Independence Day and Bastile Day balls and events that are planned around Second Life this year!… Read the rest

Montagne Noire Furnishings? What’s this?

I recently realized I don't do a proper job of promoting my furniture shop, so I have set about to rectify that, beginning with a special group gift for furniture lovers -- a fancy Victorian blanket chest with scripted open and close lid!

You'll find the group gift board in the foyer entrance.

While you're there, please check out the items that are included in the "Pink & Red" Sale -- items with the color pink or red are now just 50L through the summer!

A few samples of some of our most recent furnishing additions include a folk art baby cradle, rocking chair, bookcase desk and writing chair, bathroom towel cabinet, and more. We also offer furnishings for your parlor, kitchen, dining room, bedroom, bath, Chinese imports and business furnishings.

Most furnishings retail for between 50L-200L. My goal in making these items was to offer low cost, low prim furnishings for roleplay -- most aren't extremely complicated items, just nicely textured to give the appearance of a well furnished home on a small prim budget.… Read the rest

Corvus II (the details)

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Two weeks ago someone asked me if I still sold my raven mask. Of course then the gears start turning. It's been ages since I did an animal mask, and I realized I had solved some of the problems posed by a bird mask that had prevented me from making it sooner.

With alpha feathers to fluff it out, an alpha transition to the neck, and fine rings around the eyes, I had finally figured out how to make it less flat, keep my edges crisp, and how to make it blend into the avatar. I wasn't really happy with just doing a face mask for birds like I used to... the shape of the head is part of what makes birds so distinctive. Plus, hair just doesn't seem to fit once you have feathers.

So now, with essentially a bird's head... what would I possibly wear with this? An image came to me, and I had to sketch it down even though I was trying to fall asleep at the time.

I drew an elegant A-line gown, with an upraised wing sprouting from the shoulder. I imagined feathers climbing the arm and delicately falling from the skirt.… Read the rest


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There was once a crow, who lived in the woods near a road. She would sometimes follow travelers and see if they dropped food, or perhaps left an unattended piece of sparkly for her to add to her collection. One day, she saw a nobleman in fine clothes lead his horse mistakenly off the path. She followed above in the trees as he quickly became lost. She watched him as he tried to find his way back to the road, and she took pity on him. Alighting in front of him she cawed with her hoarse voice, and started to fly back towards the road. He followed her as she flew from branch to branch, and before long he was leading his horse back onto packed dirt. He smiled kindly, and thanked her and offered some of the sweet bread he had with him. She took it happily and flew away.

She found herself thinking of the encounter and how kind the man had been to trust her and share his bread. She found herself daydreaming of perhaps meeting him again and taking his hand. She dreamed of him leading her in a graceful dance like flying on the ground.… Read the rest


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Oh great, we break down in the Middle of nowhere...
there's nobody in sight...
We Search for a way out of here....
VanitySocks:Mocha Loose Socks-flexagons VillotaTattoo:Devol:Hail the jewel in the Lotus Tattoo-Kaori MasalaBoots:[0N] Wo Boots -Mai RunoBody:[LeLutka]- part of Armenia dress dark khaki Azufr3 CatteneoBag [LeLutka]-Cafetero Bag/brown -Azufr3 Catteneo(new)Hair:[LeLutka]-Pony dark Modded Thora CharronBelt:[LeLutka]-ITAGUI Belt/Dark Khaki -Azufr3 CatteneoSkin[LeLutka]-Lola Dark Minnu PalenNecklace:Mandala Kagetora necklace-kikunosuke EelShorts:Maitreya Jeans Shorts Charcoal (no prims version)R.icielli - GABRIELA military jacket /white bottom-Fhara Acacia(new)[LeLutka]-CIRCACIA Sunglasses/Brown (new)

skin: DEN-DOU Boys II* 7 -Dark- /05 Beard2 by denchu Dencheyes: DEN-DOU eyes II -Black- by denchu Denchhair: booN LUV205 hair brown by boo NakamuraJacket: Brown Jacket by Kal Rau(NEW)
Shirt: SHIKI-long sleeve shirt w/vest white & grey by Shinichi Mathy
Pants: [LeLutka]-RENE Pants/Antiquewhite by Azufr3 Catteneo
Shoes: ::Kookie:: Oafs by Kookie Lemon
Sunglasses: [LeLutka]-CIRCACIA Sunglasses/Brown by Azufr3 Catteneo(NEW)
Bracelet: Basilica Cardinale Wood Bead Rosary Necklace by Cardinal Sin

props Kurotsubaki Trunk
Shade Throne st Suitcase (mid) /brand new
Set built by Myself using props from Cloud 9

 Shadow test :P To Be Continued...............Read the restVanityPetroStation3smaller-1.jpg picture by vanityxuk

Illusions 2010-06-20 06:55:00

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I've been quietly working very hard on a complex multi-part project... my first since Hedera. And, like Hedera... I'm venturing into clothing again!!

Yes, yes, I know, dear lord the world is ending, the sky is falling, the seams are making my head hurt. But as I struggle to complete it, the more it comes together the more it reminds me of why I'm doing it.

I was inspired by a mask. An off hand comment made my brain click on and all of a sudden in a flurry I had made this beautiful mask. But, it's that sort of creation that demands to be fully realized in a complete vision, and so I've been working on a dress, accent accessories, and a three piece suit. It's a lot like something out of a fairy tale or a dream, or maybe a bad trip. My guy thought I was a bit nutty.

Now that I've piqued your interest, I'll just say it should be done soon, I'm working on the final accent which might be a bit tricky (hence why I've put it off 'till the end!), but it's worth the wait.

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MNC Caledon Oxbridge Village main store expands!


MNC is pleased to announce the expansion of its Caledon Oxbridge Village location! Please update your old LM with this one, as occasionally you may end up getting stuck in the front stairs:


The new building now has a back entrance, where the dollarbie items and group gift are located.

As you can see it's a bit bare right now, but we hope to be participating in more hunts and shopping events in the near future (stay tuned for our first foray into Sixty Linden Weekends, coming up July 4 weekend!), and this is area you'll find the information!

The rest of the building looks about the same, it's just been elongated to make room for future inventory. Enjoy!

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I’m gorgeous (and read on for today’sVent du Sud anniversary offer)

So, the 4th Big Bad Blogger challenge is 'does your avatar reflect your RL age'. Easy, this one.


In RL I'm *cough* older. I don't hide that to my friends but I have WAY too much fun dressing up and wearing stuff that makes me feel good to get an older av. Sure, I understand people who do, and respect them, but no thanks. Part of the fun of SL is slogging over a hot PC in scruffy shorts and tee in RL and taking a break to shop or dress up.

See the lighthouse? This is a hint about the offer. Read on...

But this, believe me, is far more pleasing to the eye than the RL me in shorts. Jacket and hair from, pants from Kunglers, tee from Coco, pendant free group gift from Burroughs (it's gorgeous and a zillion colour options). And although I'm not a proper fashion blogger, I did put in the slurls. Go me.

ANYway, the challenge seems to have also turned into... the Vent du Sud Anniversary week. Yep, a whole year and a whole lot of fun in my little corner of SL.

RL has been so hectic I have a TON of stuff ready to put out (or finish off), and I'm about to redo my entire stores if my clients would just go on vacation or something.… Read the rest

A new parasol collection and a Victorian tattoo?


Finally MNC has released a parasol collection! Le Parasol is a Victorian ladies scripted walking umbrella with fringe and roses that comes in bluebell, calla, nightshade, rose and snowdrop.

As new releases they are currently 50% off for the next week, just 50L for individual parasols and 175L for the fat pack of five.

And what's this? A Victorian tattoo? How scandalous!

F-holes, also known as sound holes, are the carved opening in stringed musical instruments such as violins and cellos, which help project the sound of the instrument through vibration as it is played.

For the Victorian lady of Second Life, I like to think of this elegant f-hole tattoo as a bohemian expression of the muse within each of us, whether we are inspiring a romantic partner, or our own creative spirit.

Look for the black gift box in the foyer of the MNC shop in Caledon to purchase this unique tattoo for just 1L! It's only available until the end of June, so don't delay! ;)


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/o/ finished at last \o\Ember has now been released in-store. Ember comes in 5 tones: milk, honey, chai, maple, and cocoa:Ember is more of a handrawn-style skin and one of three upcoming faces (Elly and Basil).Each skin includes 2-3 eyebrow options (light/dark/red), as well as freckles and a dark hairbase. I've also made cleavage enhancers that go with the Ember skins for 100L each. Or if you already have Ayumi's latest enhancers, she has them matched to the Ember skin tones!Special thanks to these people for being my beta testers/lab rats/patient peeps: Lili, Kaethe, Axx, Arriah, Ayumi, Danny

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Operation Squeegee Fundraising Call for Participants

Creators, DJs, Events, Bloggers, and Volunteers

Seeking contributors and volunteers to participate in an SL exclusive fundraising effort to support recovery efforts from the ongoing gulf oil-spill. The event will run from July 1st - 15th, and will have lots of events and publicity associated with it, as well as a vendor merchandise area with donated items for sale!

Funds raised through Operation Squeegee will go to The National Wildlife Federation Oil Spill Recovery Fund. You can read more about their efforts here.


VISIT THE OPERATION SQUEEGEE WEBSITE and find the link to the area that best suites your interest. We have specific organizers for each type of activity you can contact directly!

Thanks for you consideration,
Tidal Shoreland - Director / Treasurer of Operation Squeegee, 2010
aka Further Monday, Founder

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New clearance items & bathing suit sale!

New this weekend to Montagne Noire's clearance section (third floor at the Oxbridge Village main store) -- four outfits reduced 80% to 50L!

Also, a Victorian swimsuit sale! 50% off regular retail. Ladies bathing suits now 125L. Gentlemen's bathing suits now 75L.

Don't forget to check out the dollarbie and freebie (group gift) items in the foyer as you enter the shop!

Have a wonderful weekend!


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Contact Has Been Made!

Weather! or not? is back with a dose of the ridiculous for you this week with the following...

Ever felt the need to project lightning from your eyeballs? We have! We know this feeling well, so we made this for your convenience:

When the HUD button is triggered animated lightning prims dart forward. Simply stand close to your inteneded target, look at them, then click the HUD... ZANG! A nasty phase shifted zapping sound will play and coloured lightning will beam from your eyes! Whether this lightning has a positive or a negative effect is purely a matter of imagination and superstition ;) Either way, you will definitely have made contact!

We hope this product provides you lots of fun!

Get your new super-power at our Main Store!

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First, I wanted to let everyone know that the spring sale will end June 22nd, 2 weeks from today.

Next, we have a bunch of new mod/trans croton plants now available inworld, including new "v2" realistic red and green colors, taller tower shaped crotons, and the not-so-realistic pink and blue alien colored crotons.

Edit 6/11 I just added 6 more color textures, if you bought this kit prior to June 11th and did not receive your update package please send me an instant message.

And for builders, the full perm croton plant kit has finally been completed, containing all of the color variations seen above and more.

Click here to visit Arctic Greenhouse in Second Life via SLURL

Click here to see the Full Perm Croton Plant Kit listing at XStreet SLRead the rest

Vanity vs Manity

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Really wanted to get Manity out the closet, he was feeling rather neglected Like this long over due Love for Emery Post.Another Love is this Sara Skin By Nedeko Kohime Its her first skin line and i'm praying she continues im in love! Ive never been a fan of teeth skins in fact i really hated them in the past but the the Teeth on this skin is the best Ive seen in sl, looks very natural.Most of the poses used int his post are by Del May and if you have yet to see and try out her poses I highly recommend you go and try them there the most expressive poses Ive seen in sl really has an amazing eye for poses.
Vanity   Shoes:LeLutka-Saffron Pumps Electric PinkEarrings:aesthetic Pink Disco Earring Socks:UnTone Quilt Mokomoko Socks (shops now closed)
Hair:booN XFE275 hair black(new)*love this hair so much*
Eyes Zuri -Walnut Redgrave(new)Skirt:LeLutka-Medellin skirt black(new)*the textures and shape of this skirt is amazing makes your ass look super*
Skin:(bodyline) Sara (teeth)(new)
Bangles:Schadenfreude Bangle and Jellies
Belt:Emery - Belt Double RoseLeggings:Emery - Legging Roxe Floral 01
Top:Emery - Top Roxe Owl #02  
Manity Skin: Den-Dou Boys II* 7 -Dark- /05 Beard2
Eyes:Den Dou eyes II -BlackShirt: Emery - Sweater One V #Gray
Jeans: Emery - Denim Singer #1
Hair: booN LUV205 hair brown
Shoe: {theosophy} Airth Boot (Coal)Belts: Emery - Belt Double #YellVisor: Emery - Visor #Blue 
VanityHair: Maitreya Sunday - Pitch
Necklace:Shade Throne The perfect Tune Nec (Read more...)

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Introducing the Illusions Angel Card!

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I'm very excited to say that today I'm finally introducing a new card system. The new Illusions Angel Card can be used as a gift card, letting you purchase "Angel Points" and give the card to friends, or... and here's the big or... you can earn Angel Points by purchasing things at Illusions.

Each Angel Point is equivalent to $1L that you can spend at the store, and every time you buy something it will give you %10 of the cost back as points! If you buy something for $500L, you'll get 50 Angel Points that you can use on whatever you like. If that's not enough to buy something that you want, you can buy extra points (in packs of 50, 100, 500, or 1000) to top off your card. Or, if you've bought everything you wanted, you can pass it to a friend and let them spend the points! The only items that aren't compatible with the card (won't give points and can't be bought with points) are the older items that have been banished to the back room.

It's incredibly simple to use, all you need to do is wear it, and the card will display how many points you currently have, and tell you how many points you earn from each purchase.… Read the rest

Project Themeory: Mood Clouds

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Hi everyone! The theme for this week's Project Themeory was Harajuku! I haven't sculpted anything in a long time and thought this would be a fun project:

Mood clouds! Because street fashion depends on the weather right? :D

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New from Fantasia!

Visit Fantasia In World!

New from Fantasia!
Two lovely new fantasy dresses!

Named by my number one customer, Jadxia, "Aine" is an asymetrical, roman inspired gown with high empire waist, draped single sleeve design with a little capelette. Satin and contrasting brocade in spring pastels speak of the spring goddess she was named after. Available in 6 colors.

"Grace" is a simple yet lovely, off-the-shoulder medieval fantasy gown. The dress is made of a rich crushed velvet, edged with silver ribbon and tied at the waist with a silver sash. Combined with a modesty layer, this can even be worn in gorean themed sims. Available in 6 colors, as well as a Relay for Life exclusive color.

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