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Sunsets and Pineapple….

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Feeling Fruity? Como Setsuko Made this super cute ruffle dress called Sia, I loved the pineapple print on this version it also has a shirt only option, I wanted to play around with a couple of looks with them <3Hope you all had a wonderful weekend.

Bag:d-lab:shopping basket(gatcha) by dazai VoomSkin: Mai bodyshop Mia Midnights (closed right now).Necklace:Sole ebony Necklace by shouko KantoBag:Glow Indian Passion (dark green) by Anemysk Karu
Hair: Analog dog Dive by Queue Marlowe(also the flower in my hair is from here)Shoes:SLink Jolie Pied Achillia Gladiator Siddean MunroDress:Yozoh* sia op - callia by Como Setsuko
Bangles:ZC : Nizam Choodiya by Zaara Kohime

Bangle:LalALa Bracelet by LeeZu(old gift)
Skin:Dutch Touch Amber eagle by iki Ikarus
Dress:LeLutka-CALI dress in moss by Azufr3 Catteneo (new)
Over Top:Yozoh* sia top - sopha by Como Setsuko*(new)
Feet:SLink Jolie Pied Flat Pivoting by Siddean Munro
Bag:DCCXXIII BAG02 MINI by natu Ellils

Head Jewel: Suvarna kundan head jewel 1by Zaara Kohime
Belt:bijou: Lioness waistbelt edited by Kotobuki Jewell
Skirt:oyakin*fril-miniskirt2Yozoh* sia top - callia by by Como Setsuko*(new)bangles:ZC : Nizam Choodiya (bangles)by Zaara Kohime
Anklets:ZC : Nizam Payal by Zaara Kohime Caribbean basket Super old item I did have a look around to see if it was still there but could not find it but my pc takes rather a long time to load its by Creamshop.… Read the rest



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A little this & that

As I'm able to sit for longer in my computer chair, I'm finally getting around to some projects that have been on the back burner for awhile.

One of the most common requests I get is "I love that outfit? Can you make it in [insert your favorite color here]."

I may eventually get around to making all my outfits in every color of the rainbow, but in the mean time, I've been rounding out sets so that they have three color options.

If you like the sapphire and ruby La Danseuse saloon girl dresses, you'll love the new one in emerald:

The popular amethyst and emerald Le Pianiste gowns are now joined by an onyx black version:

The Pluche line becomes a threesome with the addition of an onyx black gown to the ruby and sapphire sets:

Last, but not least, the La Ranchette line has had a complete overhaul, to include a new onyx set, a dark topaz, and a dark ruby, all featuring more prominent Native American embroidered trim:

What's the best part of this new round of new releases? I'm implementing a new sales policy -- all new releases will be 50% off retail for the first week of their debut!… Read the rest

Underground Hotspot and New Minigame

Underground, far beneath the Arctic Greenhouse, an underground cavern filled with lava and active volcanoes has been uncovered. This geothermal hotspot is accessible by way of a portal which has appeared near the landing point of Alternate Reality Island.

Once inside, feel free to explore this new area, or play the brand new freebie-minigame. Solve the SlidePuzzle you find there and win a free vase with yellow and white flowers.

Stay tuned for further developments coming soon!

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Welcome to a New Build :)

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Some people have been wondering if the store is open again, and the answer is yes! I've been on a slightly "soft" opening while I work out issues with my vendors. The thing is, there have been some technical difficulties and I was hoping to have them resolved before I posted about the sim, but no such luck.

It's not the grand opening I was hoping for, with a big unveiling of a whole new look with a whole new card system. Of course since the actual building process went so well, fate wanted to make sure I knew I was her bitch and so decided to throw other things at me to show me that no, you can't plan for everything. The card system is still down, but being worked on, and some of my vendors are missing due to a very obscure SL security measure that's made me unable to rez them. I have a ticket open and I'm still waiting for a resolution, I'm really hoping that they'll be able to help but if not, I will have to redo them. Some of the vendors are still a bit screwy, so please bear with me while I iron out the kinks.… Read the rest

Weather! or not? 2010-05-29 18:49:00

I'm proud to introduce to you a new umbrella offering in collaboration with the renowned and wonderfully talented hyasynth Tiramisu of ~silentsparrow~! Combining her charming original strawberry vines designs and our wrought iron whimsy sculpted umbrella, we have created the Strawbrella. Windblown blossoms and raining berries emit from this one, and wow are they cute! Weather! or not? main store - available here :)

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Charming Low-prim Footbridge!

Back with another of our low-prim, high-quality landscaping creations - a lovely arched bridge perfect for small waterways and paths. All unique sculpting work, you won't find this design anywhere else on the grid. All the boards and railings are actually three-dimensional sculpted elements - not just textures. Comes with an optional shadow prim as well. You can modify the size of this as you need to fit your specific location. Come check it out yourself at our main store location in Cape Victoria.

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Love Soul Gift and Yomeshoujo!

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I bought this adorable dress from Yomeshoujo and it fits so well with the group gift from Love Soul!
The serving tray is just adorable and filled with foodie goodness. The Love Soul update group is 300L to join but there is at least one gift every month. I will never leave this group!
Outfit: Yomeshoujo
Hair: Lamb
Serving Tray: Love Soul
Skin: Tuli (will be released May 28th, 2010)

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Summers finally creeping up on us…..

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Larger ImageThe recent gorgeous weather in London Got me in the mood to make a summer post, and latest releases from Lelutka came just at the right time drag me out my blogging break, The sculpt work and Textures in this collection I believe to be the best clothing release ever from Lelutka the sculpts don't look stiff and the colors and textures are amazing.
Another Love is the new Agness ostrich bag from kookie again the little details on this bag make it Perfect and its the Just the type of bag I would carry around with me rl.
Bag: Kookie:Agness ostrich bag(new)Hair: Wildo 20103DbrownHeadband:Fresh Trash: FT shoe lace head bandSkin: LeLutka-Lola dark-makeup3Top: Lelutka:Hara top/praline(new)Shorts: Shai:Safari Suit Shorts, part of Bird watcher safari suit camoBoots: Kookie:Armarda boot / Dark Choc Bangle:Pacadi: Tribal BanglesTattoo: Aitue:Fatima 
Bag: [mixxES]African Market Basket   Hair:Truth:Leona Night   Headband:My ownSkin: LeLutka-Lola dark-makeup3Dress: Lelutka:Marta dress purple(new)Belt: Mandara:Kookai Belt /Brown   Shoes: Lelutka Saffron Pumps (Electric Orange)Bangle: TOSL Adamas Wood Bangle Brazilian Nights/ Mandara:Takara Bangle Dark wood B Tattoo: Aitue:Fatima

Bag: B@R :BR Suede Bag Brown Type B   Hair: LeLutka-Xanthe2 hair - Burnt   Headband:My own
Skin: LeLutka-Lola dark-makeup3Top: LeLutka]-BOYACA Bolero/tan(new)Bikini: en Svale.Bikini [E](new)   Shoes: Milk Motion: My pocahontas sandals Bangle: LaGyo:Th (Read more...)

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New @ *FakE*

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Visit *FakE* In World! Dayz-200L-mod/copy/notrans
Left in a daze by summer days, Dayz is a perfect, light weight summer dress for in SL.  The tube top is smocked to cling, while the skirt has an uneven, handkerchief type cut.  Available in 5 soft colored plaids, as well as a more intense RFL color.  Stop by and check out our new store and great recent releases! RFL Color! Other Colors!

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Montagne Noire is back!

It seems my recuperation from surgery has generated a creative streak in me, as I have just finished another new gown, "Brode"!

Brode (English, "Embroidered") is a practical cotton day gown with floral embroidery, a perfect spring gown for the lady who wishes to take a leisurely stroll in a stylish and comfortable suit. It comes in garnet, jade and turquoise, and retails for 250L!

I've also put out a special 1L "dollarbie" gift in the entry foyer of the Caledon shop, "Le Merle" (French, "little blackbird"), a rich onyx black velvet and beaded lace gown and matching onyx hat, that previously retailed for 250L. Enjoy!

Also now available is "Dans le Rose" (French, "In the Pink"), a special edition breast cancer awareness gown featuring rich velveteen brocade and satin adorned with pink ribbons and flowers.

The gown is now on sale for 50L (originally 350L) at my Caledon shop! Additionally, all regular priced ladies, mens & childrens clothing in pink and red continue to be discounted to 50L for the foreseeable future (only at the Caledon location).… Read the rest

Sim to be Closed on 5/25

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It's finally ready. I've tweaked my textures, revamped my vendors, primped my products and looked over my layout. The store is almost ready to be put in place, so I'll be closing the sim on Tuesday, the 25th in order to get things into place.

I can't say for sure how long the sim will be closed, but I'll be sure to announce the minute it opens again to Masqueraderie and on my Plurk. I'll try to get an entry out as well to detail what's new :)

One of the new things will be a card system that works with my current menu vendors. Problem is, there's currently a technical glitch which prevents the full amount to be refunded if you cancel the transaction when using your card, so I want to be sure it's fixed before I open. If it isn't, I'll have to leave the card system unavailable until it's fixed. I'm still very excited about it, when it's working I think it's something you guys will really enjoy.

Until then, I'm just incredibly excited about my store becoming this:


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Deadwood Juniper Bonsai

New Bonsai tree at Arctic Greenhouse, this carefully crafted piece uses a combination of small alpha branches, supported by a solid backdrop to minimize and almost eliminate traditional flicker issues. It features stylish deadwood pieces and a realistic planter.

There are two versions of this bonsai, first the "plain" or flowerless version, which weighs in at 16 prims and is only available inworld. Second, the flower-covered large version is 26 prims, with orchids growing through the deadwood pieces and yellow daisies on the ground. The flower-covered version is available both inworld and on XStreetSL. While the flower-covered one is larger, and the plain one is smaller and on a table - they both come mod/transfer so you can resize them to fit any space.

Click here to see the Deadwood Juniper Bonsai - Flower-covered Large at XStreetSL

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Honey Soul Strawbaby dress

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OK, it's "strawberry" but my toddler says "strawbaby" and I think it's freaking cute.
Second best part about this outfit (after the fact that it is covered in berries of course) is that it is free! Yay!

Honey Soul is HERE
Other information can be found on THIS blog post except for the boots which are by Studio M'Z and are a lucky chair prize!

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One for the guys … Severian boots new at lassitude & ennui

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In Lassitude & Ennui, Second Life

Sleek uniform or riding boots - built for guys, but rather unisex I think. Available in five muted colors, each comes in three sizes (small for the ladies, large for the bulkier gents and medium for those in-between). Permissions mod / copy, resize yourself for a perfect fit. 250L$ at lassitude & ennui in Nouveau or on XStreetSL. Demo available in-world!

psst: fashion bloggers, drop me an IM if you fancy a review copy :)

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Fantasia-Fantasy Clothier in SecondLife 2010-05-13 17:30:00

Visit Fantasia In World!

The Turian Camisk, aka, the Gorean Swimsuit. Ok, I just made that up but it would serve nicely as a swimsuit as well. This camisk is tied around the hips as described in the books, with a deep v-neckline to show off your assets, and a bare back and sides to show off long, uninterupted swaths of skin. The fabric is a floral pattern silk. Its available in 6 colors, as well as a special RFL exclusive color!

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Love Soul Necklaces

Love Soul has some cute foodie necklaces for you!They come in a large variety of colors and "flavors" for only 100L each or 390L for a fat pack. Me Likey the pink one because of the strawberries (or straw babies as my toddler calls them).
Top: Sn@tch
Necklace: Love Soul
Skin: Mango, Mango!
Hair: I Love Olive

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Illusions 2010-05-12 20:03:00

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I'm back home and working hard. I'm taking inventory of everything I have out in the store right now, making revisions to the vendors and updating everything that needs it. This is the big clean-up I've been wanting to do for ages. It feels good to take stock of everything, go through older items and revise the prices, or do new pictures for items that aren't well represented. I'm sorting and grouping items in new ways, revising old scripts, and trying out new organizations for the store layout.

The store build itself is, for the most part, done. There are a couple little things that I have in the works for it, but the prims are in place, the layout is solid, and the exterior is set. I'm proud to show you a few more teaser pictures, taken with viewer 2's gorgeous shadows.

It doesn't even look like SL, does it?

I'm excited and proud to have this finally in the works, and progress with the vendors is coming along (despite it being even more tedious than doing ear skin tones, which I didn't think was possible).… Read the rest

Aloe and Snake Plants – New Models and Kits

New at Arctic Greenhouse, not one but two new sets of spring releases. First, you'll see that a variety of new Snake Plants (Also known as Mother-in-Law's Tongue) have sprouted up, with more realistic textures, available mod/copy or mod/transfer.

...As have a variety of Aloe plants, including new low prim variant Aloe Vera, mod/copy or mod/transfer...

And finally, matching Aloe Plant and Snake Plant Kits for content creators:

Click here to see the Full Perm Snake Plant Kit listing at XStreetSL

Click here to see the Full Perm Aloe Kit listing at XStreetSL

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Hounds Of Love

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Keiko Has been hard at work for past few months working on a new skin line, we saw a glimpse of the new face with the opening of Trilogy where she had three Themed Skins out of for sale.
But Hounds Of Love which is the new name inspired by a Kate Bush song, as are most of Keikos items names inspired by her.The Skin has been tweaked and tweaked and tweaked and is being released very very shortly so please join &bean group for further updates.
The Skin will come in three tones with Three brow options in each pack.I'm going to be showing all three tones with the different brow options and some of the make ups that will be available.There is rather a few pictures in the post sorry but had to show Pretty pretty face.LOOK AT HOW CUTE THE NOSE IS!  Hounds of Love LightBrow option 2
Hounds Of Love Tan 
Hounds Of Love Dark TanBrow Three
Lashes:lashes:Arsnova long Eyelashes-Thiuscy CiocHair By Lelutka,W&Y, And 69 Top:&beanNew &bean Skin out soon
Love Vanityx

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[PF] Basil – Fawn Skins

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Hi everyone!

My deepest apologies if you visited [Pink Fuel] earlier to only find no Project Themeory item. I originally withdrew from participating this week because of RL but there was a minor miscommunication error between myself and the organizers and I was listed as a participant this week even though I had nothing prepared. I put all the blame on myself and not the organizers for this error. The Project Themeory organizers do a great job of keeping everything running and coming up with interesting themes.

I feel so guilty for all the frustrated people that tp'ed in and waited patiently for everything to rez only to find nothing __… Read the rest