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Sunsets and Pineapple….

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Feeling Fruity? Como Setsuko Made this super cute ruffle dress called Sia, I loved the pineapple print on this version it also has a shirt only option, I wanted to play around with a couple of looks with them <3Hope you all had a wonderful weeken…

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A little this & that

As I’m able to sit for longer in my computer chair, I’m finally getting around to some projects that have been on the back burner for awhile.One of the most common requests I get is “I love that outfit? Can you make it in [insert your favorite color he…

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Underground Hotspot and New Minigame

Underground, far beneath the Arctic Greenhouse, an underground cavern filled with lava and active volcanoes has been uncovered. This geothermal hotspot is accessible by way of a portal which has appeared near the landing point of Alternate Reality Isl…

Welcome to a New Build :)

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In Illusions, Second Life

Some people have been wondering if the store is open again, and the answer is yes! I’ve been on a slightly “soft” opening while I work out issues with my vendors. The thing is, there have been some technical difficulties and I was hoping to have them…

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Weather! or not? 2010-05-29 18:49:00

I’m proud to introduce to you a new umbrella offering in collaboration with the renowned and wonderfully talented hyasynth Tiramisu of ~silentsparrow~! Combining her charming original strawberry vines designs and our wrought iron whimsy sculpted umbrel…

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Charming Low-prim Footbridge!

Back with another of our low-prim, high-quality landscaping creations – a lovely arched bridge perfect for small waterways and paths. All unique sculpting work, you won’t find this design anywhere else on the grid. All the boards and railings are actua…

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Love Soul Gift and Yomeshoujo!

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I bought this adorable dress from Yomeshoujo and it fits so well with the group gift from Love Soul!The serving tray is just adorable and filled with foodie goodness. The Love Soul update group is 300L to join but there is at least one gift every mont…

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Summers finally creeping up on us…..

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The recent gorgeous weather in London Got me in the mood to make a summer post, and latest releases from Lelutka came just at the right time drag me out my blogging break, The sculpt work and Textures in this collection I believe to be the best clothing release ever from Lelutka the sculpts don’t look stiff and the colors and textures are amazing.

Another Love is the new Agness ostrich bag from kookie again the little details on this bag make it Perfect and its the Just the type of bag I would carry around with me rl.

Bag: Kookie:Agness ostrich bag(new)
Hair: Wildo 20103Dbrown
Headband:Fresh Trash: FT shoe lace head band
Skin: LeLutka-Lola dark-makeup3
Top: Lelutka:Hara top/praline(new)
Shorts: Shai:Safari Suit Shorts, part of Bird watcher safari suit camo
Boots: Kookie:Armarda boot / Dark Choc
Bangle:Pacadi: Tribal Bangles
Tattoo: Aitue:Fatima
Bag: [mixxES]African Market Basket
Hair:Truth:Leona Night
Headband:My own
Skin: LeLutka-Lola dark-makeup3
Dress: Lelutka:Marta dress purple(new)
Belt: Mandara:Kookai Belt /Brown
Shoes: Lelutka Saffron Pumps (Electric Orange)
Bangle: TOSL Adamas Wood Bangle Brazilian Nights/ Mandara:Takara Bangle Dark wood B
Tattoo: Aitue:Fatima
Bag: B@R :BR Suede Bag Brown Type B
Hair: LeLutka-Xanthe2 hair – Burnt
Headband:My own
Skin: LeLutka-Lola dark-makeup3
Top: LeLutka]-BOYACA Bolero/tan(new)
Bikini: en Svale.Bikini [E](new)
Shoes: Milk Motion: My pocahontas sandals
Bangle: L (Read more...)

New @ *FakE*

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Visit *FakE* In World! Dayz-200L-mod/copy/notrans Left in a daze by summer days, Dayz is a perfect, light weight summer dress for in SL.  The tube top is smocked to cling, while the skirt has an uneven, handkerchief type cut.  Available in 5 soft colored plaids, as well as a more intense RFL color.  Stop by […]

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Montagne Noire is back!

It seems my recuperation from surgery has generated a creative streak in me, as I have just finished another new gown, “Brode”!Brode (English, “Embroidered”) is a practical cotton day gown with floral embroidery, a perfect spring gown for the lady who …

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Sim to be Closed on 5/25

On 23rd May 2010 · By Siyu · With Leave a comment
In Illusions, Second Life

It’s finally ready. I’ve tweaked my textures, revamped my vendors, primped my products and looked over my layout. The store is almost ready to be put in place, so I’ll be closing the sim on Tuesday, the 25th in order to get things into place.I can’t …

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Deadwood Juniper Bonsai

New Bonsai tree at Arctic Greenhouse, this carefully crafted piece uses a combination of small alpha branches, supported by a solid backdrop to minimize and almost eliminate traditional flicker issues. It features stylish deadwood pieces and a realist…

Honey Soul Strawbaby dress

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OK, it’s “strawberry” but my toddler says “strawbaby” and I think it’s freaking cute.Second best part about this outfit (after the fact that it is covered in berries of course) is that it is free! Yay!Honey Soul is HEREOther information can be found o…

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One for the guys … Severian boots new at lassitude & ennui

On 17th May 2010 · By JackalE · With Leave a comment
In Lassitude & Ennui, Second Life

Sleek uniform or riding boots – built for guys, but rather unisex I think. Available in five muted colors, each comes in three sizes (small for the ladies, large for the bulkier gents and medium for those in-between). Permissions mod / copy, resize you…

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Severian unisex boots

Fantasia-Fantasy Clothier in SecondLife 2010-05-13 17:30:00

Visit Fantasia In World!The Turian Camisk, aka, the Gorean Swimsuit. Ok, I just made that up but it would serve nicely as a swimsuit as well. This camisk is tied around the hips as described in the books, with a deep v-neckline to show off your as…

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Love Soul Necklaces

Love Soul has some cute foodie necklaces for you!They come in a large variety of colors and “flavors” for only 100L each or 390L for a fat pack. Me Likey the pink one because of the strawberries (or straw babies as my toddler calls them).Worn:Top: Sn@…

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Linkset Resizer w/Menu w/Self Delete

Script Limits are coming. Are you ready? Are you still using old resizers that take a long time to work? Worst of all is your resizer one of those that leaves a script in every prim? Such scripted objects really cause a lot of lag in Second Life® so you should consider using a script […]

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Illusions 2010-05-12 20:03:00

On 12th May 2010 · By Siyu · With Leave a comment
In Illusions, Second Life

I’m back home and working hard. I’m taking inventory of everything I have out in the store right now, making revisions to the vendors and updating everything that needs it. This is the big clean-up I’ve been wanting to do for ages. It feels good to t…

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Aloe and Snake Plants – New Models and Kits

New at Arctic Greenhouse, not one but two new sets of spring releases. First, you’ll see that a variety of new Snake Plants (Also known as Mother-in-Law’s Tongue) have sprouted up, with more realistic textures, available mod/copy or mod/transfer….As…

Hounds Of Love

On 11th May 2010 · By Vanity · With Leave a comment
In Fashion, Mocha Stitches, Second Life

Keiko Has been hard at work for past few months working on a new skin line, we saw a glimpse of the new face with the opening of Trilogy where she had three Themed Skins out of for sale.
But Hounds Of Love which is the new name inspired by a Kate Bush…

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