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Spring Sale / Copy Flowers

Arctic Greenhouse is having a spring sale and I've lowered the prices for almost all Mod/Transfer Plants, Flowers, Planters, and arrangements, from about 20% to 50% off most items.

Due to popular demand we also now sell mod/copy/no transfer versions of most flower plants, and should have boxes for the remaining flower plants up over the weekend - if you're looking for a mod/copy version of a particular item and can't find it inworld, please send me an IM and I'll prioritize it.… Read the rest



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Free Hair For Foodies!

On 30th April 2010 · By Sileny · With Leave a comment
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Join the Crimson + Clover subscriber and you automatically get this cute strawberry hair!Check them out at Alternative Fair for some great hair for charity!
Also Worn:
Skin from Sn@tch at Alt Fair
Tattoos from Radicalism

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Dragonfly madness at the Alt Fair

The Alt Fair is all about protecting people from exposure to Malaria from mosquito bites by providing nets to families. It's a simple concept, but a powerful and effective one. Weather! or not? decided to go with the bug theme for our exclusive releases for the Fair... so we went with dragonflies! (Further has a bit of a thing for dragonflies, you see). There are a series of these tshirts - with two different colors schemes for the graphic and then varying shirt fabric hues as well. These forest green ones pictured are the variety released exclusively for the Fair.

... and of course we had to release an umbrella as well - this one is a lovely Green Dragonflybrella! It features the same swarming particle system that the Batbrella uses.

The Alternative Fair is on the Pulse, Nomine, Snatch City and New Kadath Sims April 22-May 2. The first Annual SL Alternative Fair features over 50 designers in Punk, Rock, Gothic, Grunge, Lolli, Visual Kei, Cyberwear and many other styles of Alternative Clothing, Skins, Hair and Accessories.… Read the rest

Free Bubblegum Hud

On 27th April 2010 · By Sileny · With Leave a comment
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Thought this was a cute must have for the foodies and kids around SL. Just wear the hud, pick a color for your gum, and blow bubbles!0L at Mix Em Up poses.
Hair from Lamb
Skin from Mango, Mango! @ the alt fair

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The Pancake Theory

On 25th April 2010 · By Sileny · With Leave a comment
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Pancake seat with several sit options in the lucky board at Theory.

Have fun stalking!

Theory. is HERE
Other outfit information and slurls HERE

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Maitreya Allure

On 21st April 2010 · By Vanity · With Leave a comment
In Fashion, Mocha Stitches, Second Life

Coming soon to Maitreya 

Jewlery First Picture :LaGyo, Jewlery Second picture:PacadiJewlery Third Picture:PacadiJewlery Forth Picture: Paper Couture and and PacadiSkin &bean Trilogy Themed skin.
Rest of Items Maitreya.


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New @ *FakE*

On 21st April 2010 · By Dream Resistance · With Leave a comment
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Visit *FakE* In World! Draped tank tops!
Satiny fabric, rhinestoned edging, spaghetti tank top with a loose draped body.  Available in 6 colors and a RFL version! RFL Color!

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Fantasy Fair 2010

On 21st April 2010 · By Siyu · With Leave a comment
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This is a day late because I'm currently away from home, so my apologies!

Fantasy Fair has just kicked off, and there are over nine themed sims of amazing awesome stuff. I've been granted a lovely stall on Elvencourt, and so in honor of the elven theme I have something appropriately elegant and regal.

Elessia is a flowing piece you can imagine being made by Elven craftsmen in Lothlorien. It's scripted as most of my jewelry is these days, to change to six different metals and the same selection of twelve stones as the Orinthia set. It includes a circlet and necklace, so your ears are free for certain elfy necessities. Since I'm away from home, there was a problem with the scripts to change metal in these, but I was able to get on for a moment on a borrowed laptop in order to fix it. However, if you bought this set yesterday please contact me for an updated version.

Fantasy Fair is dedicated to raising money for the American Cancer Society, so I've put together a limited edition color of the Dama and Primo di Carnivale masks.… Read the rest

Preview Maitreya Spring (part one)

On 20th April 2010 · By Vanity · With Leave a comment
In Fashion, Mocha Stitches, Second Life

Maitreya will release There new spring collection in the next couple of days which will include new Allure shoes for the Maitreya Gold line.
The Shoes are so gorgeous, and will come in 14 colors choices also the fatpacks version you get one shoe which is scripted with all colors into one pair, sl 2.0 versions also included and have a very new light script system so no more dying in mid tp's.But that's not the exciting part :PThe Allure shoes come in three option one works with Nylon socks and tights which are Include, Sculpted short Sock versions and a bare foot version.


Anybody that knows me in sl knows I have an obsession with socks and tights so pure <3 for me.

Look one:Skin &Bean - Hounds of love Trilogytattoo: equus - antlers tattooHeadpiece: LaGyo NimueMaitreya Bodysuit - Champagne (coming soon)Maitreya Camden Jacket Beige(coming soon)Maitreya Gold Shoes with  Sienna color socks(coming soon)Maitreya Highwaisted Panties(coming soon)Belt:[LeLutka]-MICHELLE belt/seashellHair:Maitreya Nimue - Kala Jeera (bangs edited longer)

Maitreya Balloon Skirt Nude (coming soon)Maitreya Bra Top (coming soon)Atomic Bambi Hair Corsage - Fiji (Cerise) (coming soon)Hair:Maitreya Nimue - Kala Jeera (bangs edited longer)tattoo: equus - antlers tattoo Skin &Bean - Hounds of love Trilogy

Maitreya Nimue - Kala JeeraBag:Hucci Clutch - Creme/Gold
LaGyo Noela necklace pale pinkMaitreya Allure Stockings - Cerulean(coming soon)
Maitreya Bodysuit Bubble (Read more...)

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*FakE* is Dandy!

On 16th April 2010 · By sabinatak · With Leave a comment
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Why yes, we are just dandy! So is this top! This little pinstriped beauty comes with sculpted prim buttons to accent it’s elaborate hand drawn design. (Yes. Hand drawn.) The front darts of the shirt accentuate the waistline, while the upper darts focus on the bust, giving an hourglass figure. The pinstripes go in alternating directions (And never horizontal, because friends don’t let friends wear horizontal stripes.) Comes in five great pinstripey colors – Black (shown above), Pink, Red, Purple and Teal. Only 100L a color, or grab the fatpack for 400L and get all of them.

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Upcoming Releases at the Fantasy Faire!

Well, we've been meaning to make more of this line for a while - and now it's here. Presenting several new items in the Wrought Iron Whimsy series - Wall Sconces, the Whimsybrella, and coming very soon - Fences! The items in this series are great on their own and even better combined. You could create quite a lovely place with the Sconces, Lampposts, and Fences all together.

Each of these designs is completely original, right down to the sculpts themselves. Don't worry about slow loading sculpts though - these are super efficient and re-use the same patterns throughout the whole series to maximize your rez speeds. There are lighting elements included that give you full control over all aspects - intensity, color, prim color, etc. Very customizable for whatever location or occasion! Even the umbrella comes with it's own light!

Ok, we also should mention our one of a kind exclusive item for the RFL Auction at the Fantasy Faire. It's a Rosepetalbrella with purple tones - there will only be ONE of these released ever in this color scheme!… Read the rest

Illusions 2010-04-15 06:46:00

On 15th April 2010 · By Siyu · With Leave a comment
In Illusions, Second Life
For a little while now I've been so quiet because I've been working on a new store build. I finally solidified a plan, and after plenty of "inspiration time" playing Assassin's Creed 2 (the game was frickin' made for me! love love love it) I sat down and carved out what had been forming in my imagination.

I have a big thing for cathedrals, grand open spaces, decadent and detailed architecture and floating high arches. I've been paying a lot of attention to what exactly it is about these things that I admire, picking and choosing my favorite elements and assembling them into a carefully planned pile of loveliness.

I'm still working on some holes, filling in the edges, finalizing and problem solving with some tricky areas but the current store build's days are numbered. It's been around since 2007, and has served me well for almost three years. It actually isn't that badly made, I have to say I've stayed pretty happy with the construction, but it has its issues and it's gotten to the point where I've let the walls get rather crowded.… Read the rest

An unexpected twist of fate.

To my friends and loyal customers,

Last month as I was contemplating participating as a merchant in SL's Relay For Life event, in an unexpected twist of fate I also learned in real life that I have breast cancer.

I'm now scheduled for a double mastectomy at the end of April.

I'm writing to let you know that I may not be in SL on a daily basis in the next several weeks, so if you have any customer service questions or issues, please contact me via my email address,, which I can access away from my home office.

In the mean time, as a thank you for your support, all regular priced Montagne Noire clothing in pink or red will be discounted to 50L. This discount is only available at the Caledon Oxbridge Village main store.

I would have very much like to have been able to offer a RFL promotion, but now I must focus on my own personal "relay for life," which means diverting my SL income toward paying my medical expenses.

I encourage all of you to patronize those merchants participating in RFL this year -- I have seen some wonderful creations being offered.… Read the rest

Project Themeory: Sneak Peak of Ember Skin

On 10th April 2010 · By Mochi Milena · With Leave a comment
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Hi everyone!

Project Themeory kickstarts today! Project Themeory is a weekly event where every Saturday at 12:00am SLT a group of designers will place an item corresponding to a common theme at the main entrance of their store for 75L - It will remain there until 11:59pm SLT that Sunday. These will be brand new items and only marked down to 75L for those two days. Every week of the month we will feature different designers, different themes, and different items! You can start your weekend off with Project Themeory by following the landmarks below.
Out today from Saturday to Sunday 12am SLT for 75L each tone. A sneak preview of the upcoming Ember Skins.
TP to [Pink Fuel] :
Project Themeory Flickr Page:

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Some budget issues

On 2nd April 2010 · By Siyu · With Leave a comment
In Illusions, Second Life
So it turns out I owe quite a lot on my taxes unfortunately. I wasn't able to pay estimated tax over the year so I even have a withholding fee. It's steep, and so I'll be having to make some changes on the sim.

I have to cut back, so the stone and luxurious tile has to go. I sold it to a nice Pakistani man who told me it would be used to build a library in Tucson. In the meantime, I've replaced the walls and floor of the store with an all natural, bio-degradable material which should be temporary.

I'm also opening up a few stalls right outside my store which will be available for rent. These are luxurious, deluxe stalls, painstakingly made by me and I can customize them for your store. Rent starts at about 10,000L a month, I need the money so I'm hoping you guys will be willing to help out by taking one of these beautiful, detailed and elegant stalls.

I can add crayon and sharpie drawings, or crenelations upon request. If you need more space, I'd be happy to duck tape two or more together to create a MegaStall.… Read the rest