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Work in Progress: Cupcakes!

On 31st March 2009 · By Mochi Milena · With Leave a comment
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Sneak peek of what's to come:

Cupcakes! YAY :D

Also, are any of you doing the Bunny Hop? It's probably one of my favorite hunts I have done so far. Soo many awesome prizes ^^. School has started up again for me so updates might be a tad slow my apologies. I still need to finish the giant bunny chair.

Also, would you like to see the Sad Bunnies available colors instead of black and white? I've been debating adding color to some of them.

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Bunnies at Pink Fuel!

On 31st March 2009 · By Mochi Milena · With Leave a comment
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Hi everyone \(^o^)/Just a small release:

These are cute hand drawn bunnies that attach onto your body like my other animals. They come with a normal and bloody crying head. Lastly, here are my prizes for the bunny hop. I'm #114. so don't give up early lol:

I got the idea for the second prize imagining a piggy that tries to fit in with the other spring time animals like ducks and bunnies only to be rejected. So this piggy goes out and buys a bunny costume and tries to pretend he's a bunny to fit in but is made fun of. So please give him a good home ^^SLURL:

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Argghhh Eyepatches! Also an evil little doll

On 18th March 2009 · By Mochi Milena · With Leave a comment
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Hi hi!
Here's a small new update on things at [Pink Fuel]. I had a request to make a black heart eyepatch with lace around it and I'm happy how it turned out. It is sculpted so it's pretty eyelash friendly, unless your lashes are very long and dramatic xD:

And since I haven't updated in awhile, I also send a small gift to my awesome update members for being so patient:

Last but not least, my friend Lolli from House of Munster released two new hair styles:

And when you buy a fatpack of any style in her store you also get this Munster doll I exclusively made for her. I present to you: Mangle!

Yes, I tried making something dark and evil to fit Lolli's store theme. I won't lie, it was a challenge xD. Right now orange is the only color available but look out in the future for more cool colors :)

[House of Munster]:
Outfit Credits:
On Mochi: Hair-[Truth], Skin [Lionskins]
On Kaethe/Lolli - Skin [Miasnow and Elfpyre], Tattoo-[Miasnow], Tanktops-[Armidi], Necklaces-[Pink Fuel]

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Another Sweet Lingerie Set @ INSOLENCE

On 15th March 2009 · By camilla · With Leave a comment
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Winter is almost gone, I already see a lot of baby leaves on the trees branches. Its still a bit too cool to dinner outside, but the afternoon is nice enough to let me work on the terrasse. I spent some time here, preparing lace and embroidery, for the last set of the winter line.

Once the lace was ready, I rummaged for some sheer tulle bits, and assembled it into a sweet and delicate set.

The Dolores ensemble, is a lace and flowers embroided three pieces set, that I designed with seduction and feminity in mind. Something really light, with just a touch of daring sheerness. This is a set to feel desirable and elegant at night.
I mixed a triangle bra, classic panties, with belt shaped and side cut suspenders.

Dolores comes in two main colors, Black, and White, but the Black is declined in 5 tones, that you can notice on the embroided roses :

Black :





and White, to make spring come faster:

I am so honoured to have had the most beautiful and cutest girl ever to model the set !… Read the rest

Cuppycake Necklace, Piggies, and a Panda

On 6th March 2009 · By Mochi Milena · With Leave a comment
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Hi everyone :D

First up! I've moved my mainstore to a bigger location that is hopefully less cramped and hard to navigate through. Please check it out :)
New stuff out at [PINK FUEL]:

The frosting and base are both color change for 9 individual colors so you can mix and match to your desire :)
Secondly! Piggies! I got this idea actually working on my bunny hop prize for spring. Spring time is all about the bunnies, chicks and lambs but I never hear about piggies D: (Yes, I know it's not spring yet but work with me here >.< ). So I decided to make some cute little ones. They are resizable/copy and attach to similar points like the bandaged kitties and pandas.

Last but not least, I felt bad for only leaving the panda avatar out for 24 last time since some people couldn't get to it due to RL constraints. So I've set it out again in the store for 10L. This time it comes with a cute little color changing bow that I've included for free :)
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A new Pantyhose line @ INSOLENCE

On 5th March 2009 · By camilla · With Leave a comment
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Amongst all your friendly feedback, is a request that comes quite often, and since long...
You have been really a LOT to ask me 'camilla, do you make pantyhoses ?'

I have always answered "not yet, would love to" but this time comes to an end :)

So here comes the first shot of a ( hopefully ) growing hosery line at INSOLENCE :

The Carmen Pantyhose are a very classic, simple and elegant, delicately textured pantyhose model.
I spent all my efforts in giving them that finely grained reflection, subtle tones and variable sheerness which make nylon so unique on the skin, and focused on making the fabric mounting as real as possible, detailing the seems and strengh parts.
Its also been a nice challenge to try to create sweet pictures of the model wearing just a pantyhose, I hope you will like the images !

This is the basis for more patterns, seems, colors, nets... that I will try to release month after month !
They come in 20 tones so far, which can be separated in two main flavours: Shiny, and, "Not So Shiny" :)

Both Shiny, and "Not so Shiny", come in black, and 3 shades of Grey, Tan, and White.… Read the rest

Intimate Light – January 2009 Winners announcement

On 5th March 2009 · By camilla · With Leave a comment
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Intimate Light - January 2009 results are now official !

You have sent such a lot of awesome images, that it has been very hard for the jury to decide !

In the end, here are the longly awaited results !

#1 - Gabrielle Sinatra

Gabrielle wins the 1st place, 10000 $L and a $L1,000 rebate on registration to the AVENUE Models Academy, for her awesome composition and feeling in her expression of the winter theme. Her picture was published in the March issue of AVENUE Magazine.

#2 - Ravena Tyles

Ravena wins a $L5,000 Insolence Storecard, for her precious and warm work on light and texturing

#3 - Gidgette MacMoragh

Gidgette wins a $L2,000 Insolence Storecard. She gives us a very sweet light work on her black and white image.

#4 - Sydney Nitely

#5 - Curl Swindlehurst

#6 - Amariah Francis

#7 - Lyanis Sin

#8 - Neca Loon,

#9 - Krystanna Wycliffe

#10 - Cheri Larnia

Sydney, Curl, Amariah, Lyannis, Neca, Krystanna and Cheri win each a $L1,000 Insolence Storecard, for their amazing work and sweet pictures !… Read the rest