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Because She is the one who cares,
Because She is the one who gives,
Because She is the one who shelters,
Because She is the one who calls,
Because She is the one who plays,
Because She is the one who stays,
Because She is the one who shares,
Because She is the one who knows,
Because She is beautiful, clever and fun, because She is sweet and lovely, because the worlds spin around Her,
She is everything, and all the rest is illusion.

Years are ponctuated with special days. We have days for peace, for gods, for labour, for no-smoking, for children, for music...
But there is no such day to me eyes, like Valentines Day ! Because nothing is so important in this crazy world than this very special person ! So I am really happy to celebrate it here too, with my little contribution as a sweet lingerie se, which I hope will make some of your loved ones the happiest girls ever ^^

For this special occasion, I invented a new reciepe . In a big bowl, mix together the most precious satin, a light sheer tulle, and a little bit of lace ribbons. With a finger tip, draw some little polka dots, dots are nice ! Ask a flower to pose for you, and give the whole thing a nice shape. When it begins to look good, give some daring cuts in the paste, and bake a few hours at the heat of your heart.

This is how I worked for the Iris Lingerie Set :

Iris comes in five cute spring tones,

Blue :

Green :

Pink :

Purple :

White :

together with a classy Black :

The set contains all the layers I could imagine for Panties, Bra, Gar (Read more...)

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