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A New Lingerie Release @ INSOLENCE !

On 31st January 2009 · By camilla · With Leave a comment
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Because She is the one who cares,
Because She is the one who gives,
Because She is the one who shelters,
Because She is the one who calls,
Because She is the one who plays,
Because She is the one who stays,
Because She is the one who shares,
Because She is the one who knows,
Because She is beautiful, clever and fun, because She is sweet and lovely, because the worlds spin around Her,
She is everything, and all the rest is illusion.

Years are ponctuated with special days. We have days for peace, for gods, for labour, for no-smoking, for children, for music...
But there is no such day to me eyes, like Valentines Day ! Because nothing is so important in this crazy world than this very special person ! So I am really happy to celebrate it here too, with my little contribution as a sweet lingerie se, which I hope will make some of your loved ones the happiest girls ever ^^

For this special occasion, I invented a new reciepe . In a big bowl, mix together the most precious satin, a light sheer tulle, and a little bit of lace ribbons.… Read the rest



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PANDA overload!

On 18th January 2009 · By Mochi Milena · With Leave a comment
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Hi everyone!
My friend Ally requested that I make some cute pandas so here they are! Like my bandaged kittens you get multiple pandas that attach to different parts of your body. Each panda blinks and is resizable. Pandas come in a regular or stiched version.

Also, I updated the Lucky chair with some panda goodness. So in addition to the Star lollipop, there is now an angel and devil panda set :D

I also got requests to make lucky chair items available to be sold so I've put those next to the chair.





Outfit Credits: Hair (Edie-Aden), Jacket (Mylene-Last Call), Skin (POE Lilly-Rockberry), Piercings (Puncture)

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New Unique Eyes and News from the Monthly Contest

On 14th January 2009 · By camilla · With Leave a comment
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Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Good Evening, or is it Good Appetite !!

Wherever you are on the globe, I'm wishing you the most wonderful new year, could it be the best year you ever lived !

This first notice for 2009 will not be about lingerie, as it talks about something we too often let by the side when dressing for a grand occasion,
or a romantic date, I want to talk about our EYES.

Did you notice in SL we have beautiful irises, with nice reflections and all, but our eyes are always ... like frozen stones without life ?

Well, this comes to an end :)

I've been wanting since long to bring the life to my eyes, but I had not found the solution yet. I took advantage of a relative break after Christmas,
to try and develop some system that would achieve this, and have come to a solution ^^

I'm very proud to introduce here a new generation of SL eyes, called


These unique eyes will bring your look a truely life-like feeling, by allowing you to vary how wide your pupil is, just like a real eye does under light condition changes and mood changes.… Read the rest