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A Monthly Photography contest by INSOLENCE !

On 29th December 2008 · By camilla · With Leave a comment
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Hello again ^^

First I hope you had a wonderful Christmas, and that 2009 will be the most fantastic and happy year !!!

I am very glad to announce here the official beginning of a great monthly contest !

Intimate Light will be an open photography contest, sponsored by INSOLENCE and AVENUE Models.

Every month of the coming year, a jury made of designers and communication professionals will select amongst your entries, the 10 best compositions, light , appearance and creativity works, in pictures of you or any model wearing INSOLENCE lingerie.
Then this same jury will decide on the best of these 10 images to select the grand winner of the month.

The winner will be offered a $L10,000 price from INSOLENCE, and a $L1,000 rebate on registration to the AVENUE Models Academy. The picture will then be published in AVENUE Magazine, and featured in high traffic blogs and groups.

The others prizes are as follow :

2nd : $L5,000 Insolence Storecard,
3rd : $L2,000 Insolence Storecard,
4th to 10th : $L1,000 Insolence Storecards.… Read the rest



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A new Dress at INSOLENCE !

On 19th December 2008 · By camilla · With Leave a comment
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Hello !!

Given the huge succes of the little Christmas gift that I have been releasing last week ( you have been more than 2000 to get it in 5 days ! ) , I have thought that some of you might like to find the little party dress in other colors and layers :)

So I dived into my fabric stock, and picked from it some nice tones of that same sequined satin, to create five new colors for the Jaime Dress :

Black, for a classy touch in a formal though quite sexy Dinner dress:

Purple, elegant and outstanding:

Really precious, to drive all eyes on you, in Gold:

A more casual Kaki:

Intemporal in silver:

Of course you can also get the Red dress, in the Christmas Outfit, which is still free until 31st of December :), so I didn't set this vendor for sale yet .

Each of the 6 colors comes at the friendly price of $L200, in 2 layers so that it can be worn above tattoos or under a coat :) , and includes a lovely beaded necklace in a matching tone.

I have had some really good time creating this little dress, tried to make it really classy but also really sexy, keeping close to my main lingerie theme.… Read the rest

Psuedo Back

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Hey Everyone,

It's been one heck of a school year. I started a game club on campus, joined the Student Government as head of my degree plan, and i've had projects out the wazoo. Well, it's Winter break. And I have decided to start producing while I have the chance. One of the projects I will be working on over the break will be skin. I'm going to start with geisha skins. I'm also planning on rolling out some new clothes. So when I get bored and/or frustrated with my attempt in making skins, I will have something else to work on. Lucky for me we have an awesome Mac Lab on campus with 32 in Cintiq monitors!
So just as an official announcement, I am back and will get started this Thursday. If you're online and say hey. :)

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A Happy Christmas to you all !!

On 14th December 2008 · By camilla · With Leave a comment
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Someone is waiting for you at the INSOLENCE mainstore !

He is rather big, has a white beard and hair, a funny red pointy hat matching his clothes. See ? He landed here like last year , and he has a whole lot of goodies in his bag !!! Sit on his lap, you will see what I mean :D
He brought some really nice INSOLENCE gifts for the luckiest of you, amongst other little friendly thingies...

I couldn't let him do all the job, so I have been sewing and sewing and sewing all night, to prepare my own special gift for you all.

Just next to Santa's chair, you will find a little gift box, with a picture of me on it ( no, I'm not naked on it, uh ) .

The box contains a whole Christmas outfit, including a sexy party dress, a lingerie set, stockings, shoes, a collar , and all the love I could make fit into it, as a my sincere and friendly thanks to you all, for having followed me all the year long, rewarding me so often with your awesome and nice feedback ^^;

So, what are you waiting for now ? Pick a shoe pair ( thick ones, there is quite some snow ) , grab your friend by the hand and come to the mainstore to be spoiled and celebrate this new Christmas together !!… Read the rest

Christmas Release @ INSOLENCE !

On 14th December 2008 · By camilla · With Leave a comment
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Oooh so you say you have been good this year !

Quite honnestly, I don't believe it, at all. But, beeing in an extraordinary good mood, and given that my friend Santa ( yes, we are buddies since some time now ) seems to be quite forgiving too, we will forget all the tricks and naughty things you have done this year, and try to spoil you all as much as we can !

Let's begin by a new lingerie release..

Jaime is a new satin ensemble, very classic in its lines, but made of the shiniest satins and sweetest lace bits that one could imagine.
This set was designed with most attention on getting the most rich satin touch, and as an attempt to find the perfect curves for a classic Bra, Panties and Garters set. I tried to make this one as the perfect winter lingerie ensemble, this one you want to wear under a warm feathered coat when going in that you can reveal it later in the night to that special person ^^ The 'special person' is not mandatory, of course, as the Jaime set is also a great selfish piece of clothing , for you to enjoy alone , curled in a deep sofa, reading a winter story, as you see the snow flakes falling by the window and you think, oh my god, I'm so just good here !… Read the rest