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Myanmar and China Relief Effort

On 23rd May 2008 · By レベカ ギルモア · With Leave a comment
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*UPDATE* Working with SL issues... We're still going through with plans to do have the event today but the vendors and donation kiosk will be up for 24 hours if you couldn't make it today. :)

Fundraiser for the cyclone survivors of Myanmar/Burma and the earthquake victims in China.

Sunday, June 1st, 2008, 12PM SLT


We are holding a fundraiser event today, Sunday June 1st, from 12pm SLT until 2pm SLT for the cyclone victims of Myanmar and the Earthquake survivors of China. All items for sale have been kindly donated for the fundraiser and ALL proceeds will go to the Red Cross divisions in Myanmar and China. Donated items include everything from shoes to clothes to jewelry!
If you wish to just donate we will have a donation kiosk setup at the teleport site as well. Please join us for a great cause to give these people a chance at survival during these very difficult times. Every Linden helps! :)

Video footage:
China1 China2

Polly Pavlova
Aryanna DeCuir
Azriel Demain
Wicked Resistance
Caliah Lyon
Krell Shinohara
Casper Dionne
Bryce Tully
Tomoyuki Batra
Kuranosuke Kamachi
Ryoma Sautereau
Xadie Katscher
Cherry Tokyo

~*Special Thanks To*~
Phoenix Chapman
Emme Mannonen
Sasy Scarborough

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Castle completed

On 20th May 2008 · By レベカ ギルモア · With Leave a comment
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My new store location is now open. Come check it out, it looks nice. :)
The rest of the land over the next few weeks will also go through a transformation to finish the entire city, i'll keep you posted. ^_^


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Raising a city…

On 18th May 2008 · By レベカ ギルモア · With Leave a comment
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Hey everyone!
After a long hiatus, I came back but hadn't really started to update my blog. So here goes :)

I've started work to build a city that is modeled after a late Heian period/early Edo period Japanese castle town. It will also house my new mainstore location. Yes.. hehe expanding again. :) Just finished building/texturing the Castle Friday, here are some preview photos. I'll keep you posted as I go along. I do have plans to start new clothing projects after the city is built but until then this is taking up 100% of my time! ^__^

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