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Advertise your business or event in front of a captive audience on SL's longest running and largest community site, featuring the incredibly popular Snapzilla, as well as the most active third party SL forums, shopping, and more. Our advertising rates offer a variety of options and prices to fit any advertising budget. You can choose from three different levels of ad rotation (low, medium, and high), which determines how often the ad is shown. The rotation levels are explained in more detail below. Pricing is available in both L$ and USD, payable via SL or Paypal.

Ad banners can be GIF, JPEG, PNG or Flash*. The sizes for each slot are shown below, and you can preview sample banners. Once you are ready to advertise, send the banner(s) to . Please include the desired rotation level and length of the ad, and also include the URL to link the ad to, and a short sentence to appear under the banner as a text link if choosing the top ad.

If you have any questions, please contact

* Current Ad Specials *
- Purchase a top banner ad for 30 days or more at medium or high rotation and receive a free side or square banner of the same rotation and length.

Multiple Images For the Same Ad

You can now include multiple images for the same banner ad - each time the ad is shown, one of the images will be shown at random. Using variations of the same ad can help to increase interest in the ad, as the same image is not shown every time. This option is included at no addtional charge. If you would like to use multiple images, please make sure they are named with a number at the end in sequence (for example ad1.gif,ad2.gif,ad3.gif). You can also add additional images to an already running ad, just contact .
Forum Sponsorship

Sponsorship of individual forums in the SLUniverse Forums is available for $3000L/$10 USD for 30 days. A short text link will appear on the forum home page, within the forum itself, and at the top and bottom of posts within the forum. Subject to availability.

* Flash ads need to have the link embedded directly into the swf file, and need to target a new window.

Ad Sizes and Pricing
Top Banner- 728X90 pixels- 728X90 pixels
Square Banner
200X200 pixels

Side Banner
160X600 pixels

Rotation 1 Wk 2 Wk 30 Days 60 days 90 Days
Top Banner Low $1000L $1800L $3000L $5000L $8000L
  Medium $1400L $2500L $4500L $8500L $12500L
  High $2200L $4000L $7200L $13600L $20000L
Side Banner Low $500L $800L $1440L $2720L $4100L
  Medium $1000L $1800L $3240L $6120L $9000L
  High $1800L $3000L $5400L $10200L $15000L
Square Banner Low     $1500L $2850L $4200L
  Medium     $3000L $5400L $8100L
  High     $4500L $8000L $11000L
*   Charity event ads are available for free.*
Approximate Unique User Impressions for 7 Days
Unique impressions track how many users an ad is shown to - if the same ad is shown 1 or 100 times to the same user while they are viewing the site, it counts as 1 unique impression only.
Rotation Top Banner Side Banner
Low 1500 1000
Medium 4000 2500
High 8500 5000