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Adonis Altney - Male - Bachelor Group

  Cherokee Altney  Tuesday, May 04, 2010 (added 6 years ago)  - Viewed 985 times  1440 x 849   0 comments


Name: Adonis Altney, Sex: M
Breeder: Mordeth Morgwain - Owner: Cherokee Altney
Special: None
Body Color: (43, 121, 175)
Top Color: (24, 134, 186)
Bottom Color: (9, 131, 157)
Glow: 0%, Shine: None
Cards: 5 of clubs, 5 of hearts
Size: 1.019480
Inbred: False, Fixed: Fertile
Mother: Cottonswab, Father: Tsunami
Maternal Grandmother: Lynne LK 4th, Maternal Grandfather: 4G Hector GV
Paternal Grandmother: Odd Petable, Paternal Grandfather: Huh Petable

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